Beautiful is my first movella so sorry if it is not that good, but this movella is about a 18 year old girl named Marcia who falls in love with her dad's apprentice.


3. regret


            "I shouldn't have done that." Said Marcia turning away.Marcia stood up and walked back up to her room.When she got over the feeling of him kissing her she remembered that she had see one of the people that her mom had hired to watch over her."Grrrr... I am so dead." Marcia said as Zayn walked in."Hey Marcia, you okay?" Zayn asked as he sat on her bed. "Yeah, I'm fine." Marcia responded knowing that he knew her better than that. "No your not." he said as she knew he would,"and I know why. Listen Marcia, I'm really sorry." There was an awkward silence between both of them. Marcia both hated and loved him, it made her get stressed. "It's okay Zayn, you did nothing wrong." Marcia said not even looking at him."Look Marcia, I know I will get in huge trouble for kiss you and you will get in trouble too." he said slowly trying to think his words out because Marcia  will cry over anything... so he doesn't want to worry her.


         Marcia's bedroom door burst open."Zayn!" her father's voice booms,"You know you can not my daughter. You know what happens when wizards have a relationship with witches."Just then her mother walked in."Marcia! You know very well what happens when a witch dates a wizard." Her mother said with more grace,"I am not going to let you fall in love with... a wizard." Her father looked shocked that she said that. "Now what is wrong with being a wizard? Now Zayn I'm not letting you fall in love with a witch." At that point her mother stormed out the room. And that night... Marcia could not sleep because of her parents yelling and cursing."I'v got to talk to Zayn in the morning..." Marcia whispered to herself in the night.

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