Beautiful is my first movella so sorry if it is not that good, but this movella is about a 18 year old girl named Marcia who falls in love with her dad's apprentice.


4. plan


            Marcia woke up extra early, since she couldn't sleep what was the point of doing nothing? She got dressed put hher makeup on and everything, her normal everyday thing.She walked past her parent's room on her way to Zayn's."There was no reason to say that!" Her mother said."I am so tired of you,Marcia, and that boy!" Her father's tone of voice shocked her and to say something as hurtful as that, she couldn't help it;she ran all the way down to Zayn's room. He was shocked to see her up so early and crying."Whats wrong?" Zayn said."I can't stand it anymore Zayn! My parents hate eachother and my dad hates you and me." Marcia said as he was hugging her, letting her cry on his shoulder.


         After she was done crying, he took her into the study so they could talk."Zayn,there is no easy way to say this, but I-" Zayn had cut her off by kissing her, he didn't what to hear what she was going to say. He knwq it was going to be bad."I don't care what you do, as long as I'm with you."Zayn said after a long kiss."So your leaving with me?" Marcia asked after she was done getting the feeling of him kissing her off her lips."I will if I'm with you."





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