Beautiful is my first movella so sorry if it is not that good, but this movella is about a 18 year old girl named Marcia who falls in love with her dad's apprentice.


5. leaving


                           As the night came all to quickly, Marcia packed all she could in her bags.It was midnight when they had planned to leave.Marcia met Zayn in car garage,"What car should we take?" Zayn said looking at the black Charger at the end of the line of cars."Lets just take that one, it's mine so we won't be stealing anything."Marcia said as she was walking over to the car.Zayn was putting the bags in the back when a thought came to Marcia's mind, what will happen when they find out we left? she didn't want to think about it.As they were heading out of the city a tear came out of Marcia's eye,"Marcia, whats up? Your the one that came up with this."Zayn said as he was pulling over to refill the car.They both got out to get fresh air. Marcia was still crying and hadn't answered. Zayn walked over and whiped her tears,he could tell that this is going to be hard for Marcia.


                           "I can't do it Zayn,I mean I want to go but I can't."Marcia whispered while Zayn was holding her."It's okay,we can go back if you want."Zayn said,"No no,we're going,but if I cry just remind me why we left,"Marcia whispered,"Zayn,I-I love you." "I love you too."He had been waiting to say that to her for over a year,he kissed her before they got back in the car.



Note:My laptop kept messing up the words so sorry.BTW can I get some feedback so far?


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