Beautiful is my first movella so sorry if it is not that good, but this movella is about a 18 year old girl named Marcia who falls in love with her dad's apprentice.


1. apprentice

             10 years ago


            8 year old Marcia raced down the hall, her aburn curls bouncing and her sharp green eyes filled with excitment.Knowing that her father had just came back from the neitherlands witch means that he brought her something.Marcia jumped into his arms."Hello my little flower!" her father said,"I brought you something very special." He held out a an amulet with a green gem in the middle."Also, I want you to meet my new apprentice." From behind her father out walked a 8 year old boy with black hair and deep blue eyes."Daddy, who is he? Is he a wizard too?" Marcia  asked. "Yes he is and his name is Zayn.Now my little flower, run off to bed.'' Marica did as she was told. Waved to Zayn and her dad and raced away.


Arthur's note: Sorry if anything if messed up my laptop decided to be slow today.



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