Love Hurts

Isabella is your normal teenager. Except, the fact that her parents died. Oh, also that she falls deeply in love with the one and only, Harry Styles! She is a party animal. She might look sexy on the dance floor, but is shy to everyone else. So, will Harry like her?? Will the boys butt in??


1. PARTY!!

"Night mum. Night dad." , I whisper to myself, wishing they were still here. I feel a warm tear roll down my face.
I pick up my phone & look at the screen. One new text from Louis: Are you coming to the party tonight??;))
I reply with: What do you think? ;)
I go into my closet & try to find a sexy dress. I finally settle on a red,lace dress with the top cut low. I go into my tiny bathroom & look at the scars on my thigh. Then the scars on my wrists. I wipe away the tears that come in the corners of my eye.

Don't think about it. I get myself back together & try not to think about the past or the present. I look in the mirror & all I see is fatness & uglyiness. I try to figure out how to do my hair. I finally settle to curl it in a mess. I then apply heavy eyeliner & mascara. I decide to put a nude color on my eyelids.
I blast my radio with Wings by Little Mix. I scream the lyrics & don't think about anything. I slip my black heels on & head out the door to my crappy car. I can't afford anything else though. I jump into the car & text Louis, then head off.
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