My Prince

Dendra is a 17 year old girl who finds school like hell and spending time with her boyfriend a cherish able moment.


2. Surprise?

My  prince was waiting driving his shining red mustang looking at me with a heart warming smile.By the time i came into reality I hear " You chariot awaits my lady." I gracefully entered the car and as if I were a princess about to got to the ball. He gently leaned over and lightly kissed you on your cheek causing the  the butterflies in you stomach to erupt into a tornado of jitters. He laughed and turned the engine on causing my face to flush with the sheer sexiness was of such a little thing. You thought he was taking you home but instead he passed the street to your house. You were eager to know the plans he had in mind.


Authors Note.

Hope you enjoy i need your votes to tell me were he is going to take her



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