Look At Me Now

So, This story has some certain carecters that you might get to know very well... Guess youll have to read to figure more out!


1. My Life As I Know It

Kenzies POV

"You said im your one and only," I said as i looked down "AND! you lied" "Then you have the guts to say you want me back?!" Thats it i've had enough... "You cheated on me with MY BESTFRIEND!And yet, i still get called a whore, slut, bitch ect.."  Finnaly i've had enough of his shit and puched him. "Tell Hailey to NEVER talk to me again, she knows what she did was wrong." With that i flipped him off and walked away. It started raining the moment i love because no one knows youve been crying.

"I want to be drunk when i wake up* My phone started going off. Sure enough it Hailey.

"What do you want?!" I said as more tears fell.

"What the hell happend at school today?!" She said acting obliviouse.

"Well, Well, Well look at little Hailey acting like nothing happend. You dont think i know about you having sex with my 'boyfriend'?!" i said getting angry

"...." she never said a thing

"Thats what i thought. NO words." And with that i hung up and ran home.  "UGHH" i said as i walked through the doors kicking off my shoes. "ONe more week of this shit and it'll be over." Next thing you know im in my room listeing to Drunk by Ed Sheeran, While im also crying myself to sleep..

A/N, Hey guys! i was wondering should i contiue this story? I dont think i will conteniue the other storys.

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