Summer Sunsets

*Danielle and I wrote a story and decided to post it on here! I'll post every other day and she'll be posting on the days that I don't post, so a new chapter everyday!!*

It's 2017 and Danielle and Ashlee have finally graduated from High school, they both decide to take a summer trip down to Florida. When they get down there they run into One Direction and things get awesome!! But when a bump in the road hits and things get crazy what will happen?

(p.s. To make this funny for all of us! There is no editing another one's chapter so when it's published it there to stay!! funn)


5. chapter 4: The call and ride

Danielle’s P.O.V

“Hello who is this?!” The voice said wow kind of pushy

“Uhh Danielle I was wondering if I Could speak to Niall please?”

“How did you get this number?”

“I bumped into him at wal-mart in Wilmington, Ohio “ I heard shuffling then different voices saying

“NIALL did you give a girl named Danielle your number while you were 'lost' in walmart?!”

“NO I DIDN'T PAUL! … wait... ZAYN!!!” “what she may not have seen it but I seen the way you looked at her so I slipped your number into her pocket before she noticed!”

“DUDE!!!” Then a voice came on clear it was the same paul guy... wait paul’s their manager. shit.

“I'm sorry but he’s busy at the moment he’ll have to call you back.”

“Okay thats fine thanks bye” . Wow that was alot to take in!

“PAY UP every last penny! “ I said handing her my phone and once she took it I pointed towards my purse for the money keep my eyes on the road the time.


Ashlee’s P.O.V


“Well that was interesting!” I blurt out after the awkward silence. Danielle nods her hand and turns on the radio. One Direction bursts through the speakers! They were amazing and always made Danielle and I feel better about ourselves. She lets out a big sigh and watches the road, we both have crushes on 1D. Mine is Zayn Malik and her of course is Niall Horan. I roll down the window and my blonde hair gets blown into my face, oh great this is gonna be fun. Danielle grins and presses a button on her door dashboard. I flip the window button for the window to roll up but it will not go up. She fucking put on the window lock.

“You son of a bitch!” I yell at her, Danielle laughs and turns the car into the Airport lane. I grab the long blonde hair into a ponytail and glare at her. She parks the car and gets out and pops the trunk open. I swung the door open and hit the car beside us. The old man in the car stares at me with his eyes wide open. He starts screaming at me but I don’t understand what he’s saying.

sorry its sort but I figured it might be fine with the first 3 being pretty long :)


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