Summer Sunsets

*Danielle and I wrote a story and decided to post it on here! I'll post every other day and she'll be posting on the days that I don't post, so a new chapter everyday!!*

It's 2017 and Danielle and Ashlee have finally graduated from High school, they both decide to take a summer trip down to Florida. When they get down there they run into One Direction and things get awesome!! But when a bump in the road hits and things get crazy what will happen?

(p.s. To make this funny for all of us! There is no editing another one's chapter so when it's published it there to stay!! funn)


4. chapter 3: I WON ;)

Ashlee’s P.O.V


Where was that girl?! its not like her to not win at these things! oh here she comes.. from the means department? HAHA did she get stopped by that old man again? Wait she looks happy but puzzled.

“Dude I was getting worried where were you?!” I said walking towards her.

“By the way I WON” “And YOU have to pay!”

“What do you mean? I won”

“Yea but you know how a year ago I said if I was to meet a member of 1D before they quit singing as a group you would do anything I said for a week?”




“Hey Ashlee do you think I could ever meet 1D in person?” Dani asked on a summer night while we slept out in a tent in her backyard. “Nah I doubt it” “I bet I will before they quit singing as a group! If so then you have to do whatever I say for a week if I don't then same will be for me!” “Your on but what if you meet them and I don't?” “I have show a picture, video, or phone number” “YOU'RE ON!!




“well guess who I met?!” “Who???” I asked a little curious but more annoyed that she was just wanting to get out of paying.

“ I just met NIALL!” she nearly screamed.

“PROVE IT!” I said but my smile slowly faded as she pulled out a piece of paper that said ‘Niall Horan’s phone number 555-1234’

“I don't believe it, you could have wrote that yourself!” I said

“Well I’ ll pay and in the car we’ll call and if they answer and it is them then you will pay me back. “

“Deal!” I said cause mean theres no way it could be right? She payed and set the GPS for the airport great we still had around 45 minutes extra. I started going through the bags see what we grabbed. We had 5 bags of mints eww 3 small packs of baby A&W root beer, a pack of strawberry creme-savers , a pack of sour patch kids and starbursts. My bag had 1 bag of cheddar sun chips,a bag of pretzels , a box of iced glazed honey buns and a box of brownies.

“Hey grab my phone dial the number and hand it to me please” She smiling

“Of course! So I can prove you wrong!” I said while doing as she asked.

“Thank you!” She said while I handed her the phone and she put it on speaker.

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