Summer Sunsets

*Danielle and I wrote a story and decided to post it on here! I'll post every other day and she'll be posting on the days that I don't post, so a new chapter everyday!!*

It's 2017 and Danielle and Ashlee have finally graduated from High school, they both decide to take a summer trip down to Florida. When they get down there they run into One Direction and things get awesome!! But when a bump in the road hits and things get crazy what will happen?

(p.s. To make this funny for all of us! There is no editing another one's chapter so when it's published it there to stay!! funn)


3. chapter 2: Saying goodbye

*1 Week Later*


Ashlee’s P.O.V


Well Today Danielle and I are leaving go fly down to Florida for the lovely summer. It’s our first year of being out of school since we’ve just graduated this may. This was gonna be awesome, I’ve already got all of my 4 bags packed and Danielle was still trying to shove her last bit of clothing into her 5th bag. She’s tried pushing on it, sitting on it and even fucking jumping on it! That was last resort. Now who’s the helpless one! HA

“Ashlee get over here and help me” Danielle Yelled. I sigh

“Why should I?” I mumbled back

“Because you love me and you owe me for putting out the fire a week ago.” Danielle yelled back with a grin on her face. I huffed out a lung full of air and walk over.

“Stand on the suitcase and don’t move.” Danielle commanded so I did. I stand on the suitcase and she gets on the suitcase also. She grabs and yanks the zipper back to finally zipping it together. Danielle Jumps up and down screaming

“OH YEA THATS HOW YOU DO IT!!” I sighed a was acting like I was checking out my nails but had to laugh at her enthusiasm .


Danielle’s P.O.V

“So are we ready now?” Ashlee asked looking a little impatient.
“Why of course duh you act like I was the one taking so long!” I said sarcastically. We both laughed and headed towards the door taking one last look around the living room before locking the door. Once we got down the elevator I saw Austin rushing up to me.

“Hey Dani can I talk to you real quick?” He asked while rubbing the back of his neck. Oh my what now?

“Should I wait up?” Ash asked while giving me an innocent smile “Well duh i'm not gonna be stuck here while you're in FLORIDA!”

“Okay... 5 minutes we need to make the flight you know how hard it was to book these tickets!”

“Yes I know I heard you griping about it for a week after you got them.” I said laughing. She just rolled her eyes and caught the keys while I threw them to her.


Austin’s P.O.V


How was I gonna say this? I mean she clearly didn't want to be anything more than friends. I couldn't help it I had to! there was no way I mean do you see how many girls go to florida and come back talking about how many hot guys there were?!

“So what’d you wanna talk about?” she asked oh my I don't know how this will come out.

“Danielle I.... Love... YOUR HAIR!!!” Oh shit did I really just say that? FUCKKK!

“Thanks she said giving me a hug and the quick double cheek kiss thing she did all the time to everyone. At first when she did it, it made me think she liked me back but then I saw her do it t Ashlee once and I was like ‘say what now?! what the fuck was she bi?’ but I later found out she always did it.

“See ya at the end of the summer Austin!” She yelled while pulling away. As I looked out the doors of the complex I saw Ashlee managed to get the car around front and the bags loaded without killing someone.I for one was impressed.


Ashlee’s P.O.V


I wondered what Austin wanted to tell Dani.... ehh prolly something all mushy and lovey-dovey Blech I puked a little just thinking about it.

“Out of the drivers seat NOW” She yelled while laughing. So I climbed over the seat taking the passengers seat.

“Hey wheres the GPS?” I asked “right..... here!” she said while pulling it out from under the seat.

“Store first? I mean its about an hour and a half to get there and I miss what we used to do!” When we were little our moms did this thing to where they would take us to the ‘junk food’ aisle and give us 5 minutes to grab anything we wanted and get back into the cart but the thing was we could only get the things we could carry...5 minute non-stop shop.” you don't mean...5 MINUTE NON-STOP SHOP?!” I yelled I had forgotten about it.

“Hell yea wait we can't can we? hello plane?” “Dude we left with an hour extra I was just saying 5 minutes for you two cause I didn't want to be waiting here all day!” I said Laughing. “GREAT!”


Danielle’s P.O.V


Once we got to the store we split up she headed towards chips and little debbies and I went towards the pop and candy . Once we were both at our stations we called each other. ‘call from Ashlee’

“Hello?” “ready!!!!!” she said in sing-song voice “5-4-3-2-1- GO!” I yelled while grabbing a handful of stuff off the shelves with everyone looking at me like an idiot. I made sure I grabbed like 5 bags of starlight mints (spearmint) I don't know why but I’ve always loved mints I eat them like candy! which can be a good thing 1) Always have fresh breath 2) usually not as expensive but there were some down sides like 1) After eating them when you go to drink something it tastes funny! but ah well... I grabbed them then grabbed anything I could making sure I got the baby cans of A&W root beer. They were just so cute! shit 3 minutes gone and I had to make it clear across this huge store well I am a fast walker and if I don't make it then I will have to pay! AHA I SEE MY SHORTCUT! I just have to walk through.... the mens department... shit last time I did I was stopped by an old man asking if I worked there and where the XL underwear were... But I had to take my chances. As I shook off the thoughts I darted towards the front when someone stepped in the aisle way.


As I look up at least it wasn't an old man again infact he was kinda cute blonde hair with a bit of a quiff in it,but he had on dark sunglasses so I couldn't see his whole face .

“Hello miss do you work here?” He asked while his friend with a grey beanie and the same dark sunglasses they looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it.

“Uh no sorry...” I said trying to look around them and see if Ashlee had made it yet and she hadn't thank goodness!

“Oh sorry then nevermind.” He said looking disappointed.

“But I could try to help you” Shit why was I so kind?!

“ Well we're actually kind of lost and can't find the exit we've been going in circles for 10 minutes” He said looking embarrassed.

“Oh well its just right through the men’s this way , past the cash registers and you should be able to see it!” I said smiling and pointing through the men’s at the direction they needed to go..

“Thanks love! I’m Niall by the way” NO WAY I KNEW THAT ACCENT AND THEN IT JUST CLICKED! the british/irish accent Niall!!!!! i'm speaking to the man of my dreams!!! “ Danielle” I said smiling like an idiot,

“ Welp best be going got a plane to catch! nice meeting you Danielle”

“You too Niall!”I said as they started to walk back. When I walking back I realize I had something in my pocket....


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