Summer Sunsets

*Danielle and I wrote a story and decided to post it on here! I'll post every other day and she'll be posting on the days that I don't post, so a new chapter everyday!!*

It's 2017 and Danielle and Ashlee have finally graduated from High school, they both decide to take a summer trip down to Florida. When they get down there they run into One Direction and things get awesome!! But when a bump in the road hits and things get crazy what will happen?

(p.s. To make this funny for all of us! There is no editing another one's chapter so when it's published it there to stay!! funn)


1. Author's Note!

Danidoo839154 here adn I would like to say sorry ahead of time I am co-author but Zigelets likes to put things liek im stupid in  here  for me lol well so sorry ahead of time :P

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