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loraine is a 17 year old tall brounett who lived in chicago and moved to california.She has trouble fitting in. When one day she hears that her favorite band was coming to LA ,she tells her mom but her mom says no.She wins VIP tickets on a radio station and everything changes she meets her true love NIALL HORAN...


16. The movies

Sunday 10:00am 
I woke up, brushed my teeth and went downstairs. I went to the living room and turned on the tv and put on the news, I know not all teenagers watch the news but what the heck. i took my blanket and rapped it around me and layed on the couch and got a message
Niall: hey love :) 
Me: hey nialler :)
Niall: did I wake you up?
Me: no, I was just watching tv 
Niall: oh good :) so how have you been?
Me: I've been fine, sad but fine
Niall: I'm sorry :(
Me: it's fine I will just have to get over it, and ppl are starting to bug me they are saying like "oh my gosh! hey girl, so I've heard you've been going out with Niall, wanna hang out sometime?" ... etc... And Idk how the word got out!... but ....yeah that's kinda getting on my nerve I meen they where making fun of me, when I started in that school :/
Niall: I'm so sorry, so I was thinking if you wanna go to the movies with the rest of the boys and me
Me: um sure... can taliah come with us? 
Niall: of course!! So see you at 12:30? 
Me: kk :)
I went upstairs and knocked on the guest room's and told taliah to wake up 
-taliah wake up I have an important to tell you!-
She sounded groggy but she opened the door, her hair was all messy and she was yawning 
-what do you want for breakfast?- I asked her 
-do you have Nutella?-
-then I'll have Nutella and bread-
-ok you spread the Nutella, ill set it on the table I'm gonna be downstairs-
I went downstairs and set the Nutella and the bread on the table and took some for myself, taliah came to the kitchen she had a white sleeveless short flowy dress with a plaid blue blazer on top and her blonde hair was in a bun
-eat here, I'm gonna get ready-
-ok but hey, where are we going?-
-it's a suprise- 
-ugh ok-
I went upstairs and put on some light blue jean shorts and a short sleeve shirt with the England flag on it and my black vans and let my hair loose with some curls and took a jaket with me, I went downstairs and taliah was throwing out something in the trash 
-are you ready?- I asked her
-yeah lets go-
We got into my car and I drove to the cinema 
-we're here-
-really this is the surprise? the movies?-
-well not actually we're not here alone- I smiled 
She looked at me with a suspicious look
-what do you meen we're not here alone?- 
I took out my phone and texted Niall
Me: where are you guys? 
Niall: we're inside ill tell security to let u guys in
Me: kk :)
-c'mon lets go- I said hopping out of the car
She got of the car and we went to the cinema Niall was wating for us at the door
-Niall! but I thought he broke up with you? What is he doing here?-
-yes, but we are still friends, and he got some time to go to the movies for a little while, cuz he is leaving later for another state-
-oh ok- we entered and they where all waiting for us, I looked at taliah and she was shocked when she saw zayn she started to squeal but then remained calm when I went to say hi to the rest of the boys
-hello love- zayn said to taliah
-h-h- hi-
-so wats your name?-
-that's, cute, c'mon, lets go in the movie room-
We all went inside and the movie started 

-------------a movie later------------
I heard zayn giving taliah his phone number and taliah doing the same, after that the boys had to leave for the other state
-so, see you soon? I meen I know not that soon but yeah you know what I meen- I told Niall
-yeah, ill try to text you or call you any time I could-
-I meen you don't have too-
-but I want too- he said smiling
I smiled back and hugged him 
-thanks- I felt the hug lasted for hours but we had to separate 
-bye- He said with a sad expression on his face
-Niall wait I want to give you something- i took out a bracelet that had my name on it 
-aw you didint have to- 
-but i wanted to- i gave him another hug and they left 
I know we are just friends but i want him to remember me

I went with taliah to Crackle Barrel 
She ordered pancakes and I ordered a steak 
-sooo you got zayn's phone number!!!- I said excitedly 
-yes! AHHH I was so exited! he was such a nice guy!-
-he sure looks like it, and I think he likes you and Niall hasn't even told him you like him-
-no way! So he really does like me?!-
-oh my gosh I'm gonna die!- I laughed at her reaction
The waiter brought us the food and we ate having short conversations between bites. After we finished I dropped taliah at her house and I went to mine
-I'm home!- I yelled at mom so she would know I was there
-I'm in the kitchen- I went in the kitchen and she was washing dishes
-hey hon, did you want something to eat?-
-no it's ok I ate with taliah at crackle barrel-
-oh ok so how was the movie?-
-it was good, but it was sad to say good bye to Niall, I meen he's not my boy friend anymore but I want a good real relationship with him-
-yeah I know how you feel, it's sad to see him go, but I think he did it because he knew you would get hurt when he left, and I think he would love to have a friendship with you like that-
-I'm gonna go take a shower, and I'm gonna do my homework-
I went upstairs , took a shower and put on my pj's, did my homework and went on my computer
~incoming FaceTime call from: Katie~
I awnsered the call and Katie was there 
-hey!! katie!!!-
-hey loraine! was up?-
-nothing much just finished doing homework- 
-so how been things with you and Niall?-
-well he broke up with him-
-WHAT!!? BUT HOW? WHEN? WHY??- she looked hesitated 
-Katie calm down, he said he though we where going too fast, so he decided for us to stay friends for a while-
-oh... but I still get to meet Harry right?-
-what do you meen?-
-well I'm heading over there tomorrow- she said smiling I jumped up from my seat
-NO WAY!!-
-Yep I told your mom and I'm staying at your house!-
-Oh my gosh I can't wait!!!, but bad news-
-if you had came yesterday, you would had seen Harry today, I was at the movies with the guys today and also taliah was with me and she has zayns phone number-
-ugh!!! whyyyyy!!!-
-yeah and they left for Oregon today so yeah you won't see Harry, I'm sorry, but!! Maybe I can FaceTime with Niall and he will introduce Harry to you-
-yeah but I have school tomorrow-
-do you HAVE to go?-
-YES I do, I have a big science test tomorrow, for how long are you staying?-
-4 weeks-
-YAY!! We have a lot to catch up on, wait what about school?-
-I have all that covered, I talked to your mom-
-ok... Well I have to go, see you tommorow-

I brushed my teeth and and went to sleep











HEYYY GUYSSSS SORRY for not updating :( I'm super busy with my other movellas, what love does <- (my co-author movella) & you where nothing like I thought Harry 
& with school so I'm so sorry Ill try to update soon!! Comment, like and favourite! 
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