take me home

loraine is a 17 year old tall brounett who lived in chicago and moved to california.She has trouble fitting in. When one day she hears that her favorite band was coming to LA ,she tells her mom but her mom says no.She wins VIP tickets on a radio station and everything changes she meets her true love NIALL HORAN...


2. new california friend

         monday morning 6:00 a.m. :

    We got to california and i felt weird because we where passing through beverlly hills I've never been in a place with so much

   Prada, Brittney and co. or Pandora. In all my life ive only bought in k-mart, walmart and wallgreens.


When we got to our new house

   it was HUGE!! our last house was really little next to this one.I opend the door and found myself with a giant chandelier it was awsome but i was still sad because i didin't want to be here. I ran to my bedroom and close the door. i started to decorate it the way I wanted because usually my mom decorates it. I started to put posters of 1D , Austin Mahone , Ross Lynch ,Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Then i heard the door bell and i thought :

 -what the heck we just got here and we allready have a visitor WIERD....-


 I went to open the door and a blonde short girl says:

   -Hi! i heard you where our new neighbor-

     -um... yeah-

 -My name is Taliah Ross ; i live across the street-

     -Im Loraine Gold-

 -Oh what a pretty name-

   -uh thanks ... come in-

 -thanks, so what school are you going to?-

  -um.. i think is CIOPA: california institute of performing arts-

 -REALLY!!!! I go to that school!!!-

-awsome im gonna take singing , acting and dance-

  -i take martial arts , dance and sports... we have dance together cool-

-awsome! so you wanna come outside?-

   -actually i have to leave but we can hang out some other time-

      -well ok see you bye!-


well she seems like a nice girl , i thought all of the california girls were snoty little brats well i guess not

  ~10 min later~

my mom comes in my bed room

-wow! quite a room u got here-

  -i know its perfect its so ME!-

-uh are u sure u dont want me to decorate it ? i meen-...

i stopped her before she could say anything else

  -uh i dont think so u made me move to california i decorate my room the way i want-

-well ok... so who was at the door?-

  -just a girl , a neighbor... she looked pretty nice-

-see we just got here and u allready have a new friend! see i told u , you would like it here-

  - I cant call her a friend i just met her and I still dont like it here - i rolled my eyes at her

-well ok grumpy pants, go take a bath were going to pizza hut to get dinner so hurry-

  -ok ok im commin-

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