take me home

loraine is a 17 year old tall brounett who lived in chicago and moved to california.She has trouble fitting in. When one day she hears that her favorite band was coming to LA ,she tells her mom but her mom says no.She wins VIP tickets on a radio station and everything changes she meets her true love NIALL HORAN...


7. meeting ONE DIRECTION!

      saturday afternoon 6:00p.m.:

  The meet and greet was awsome i got to see 1D up close in person i almost fainted when i huged NIALL

he kept staring at me ... OH GOD what if i have a pimple in my forehead!! ... loraine stop thinking about that stop stop stop!

so the concert is over now i get my chance to really get to talk to them.I am having the best day of my life!!

I got through security and they got me in a room where i had to wait for them to come in. Then i heard the door knock and my heart started jumping of joy when a lady came in and my heart stoped then she said:

     -hello,is this Loraine Gold?-

-um... yeah-

     -come in guys-

i think my eyes poped out of my head when i saw louis,zayn,harry,liam and last but not least NIALL came in!!!

i went straight  to say hello to them and when i went over to niall i felt butterflies in my stomach then he said

-hello, how are you , love?-

   -um... g-g-g-reat you?-

-same- he smiled

   we where a lot of time talking , they are so funny but it came that time were they had to leave and then niall told me:

-um if u dont mind i would love to meet again some time? -

  - ok... sure , my cel number is 555-0984 -

-ok then i text you later - he winked at me and then hugged me

   -ok-i said all most out of oxigen


i saw him leave those perfect blue eyes and perfect blonde hair that make a girl faint.


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