take me home

loraine is a 17 year old tall brounett who lived in chicago and moved to california.She has trouble fitting in. When one day she hears that her favorite band was coming to LA ,she tells her mom but her mom says no.She wins VIP tickets on a radio station and everything changes she meets her true love NIALL HORAN...


9. lunch at taco bell

 we got to taco bell and then he asked me:

   -what do you want? pick what ever you like-

-well i will have a personal pizza with coke please-

   -just that ?- he smiled - well i'll have 3 buritos 2 tacos and nachos oh with diet coke-

-really? diet? hahaha-

   -yeah hahaha-

we got our food and sat down at a table then we started talking like we knew each other for like five years

-so what school do you go to?

  -California's institute of performing arts-

-cool so what clases do u take?-

   -singing,acting and dance-

-you sing? I would love to hear you-

   -yeah but I'm not like you i meen nobody compares to u guys-

-OH c'mon please for me- he pouted 

   -maybe some other time-

-awww - he pouted

 - they make fun of me in school because im not rich or my parent arent famous- 

    -dont even listen to them they are just stuck up snobs-

 -thats exactly what i said! But it's just that it's hard to ignore the mean things they say - I started tearing up

    -if you ever need some cheering up just call me-

-sure i will definitly do that-

    -so let go i wanna take you some where-

-ok... - I said with a suspicious look on my face 

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