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loraine is a 17 year old tall brounett who lived in chicago and moved to california.She has trouble fitting in. When one day she hears that her favorite band was coming to LA ,she tells her mom but her mom says no.She wins VIP tickets on a radio station and everything changes she meets her true love NIALL HORAN...


15. Girls night

I got a call from Niall, and he told me that we should stay friends for a while I was heartbroken.
-he... said that... he wanted to stay friends for a while- I told taliah 
-who zayn? aww man- she said pouting
I smiled weakly -actually no, it was Niall-
-oh I'm so sorry Loraine- 
taliah said hugging me
-um, lets just forget about this, lets have a girls night! since we were going to watch 1D this is us, you can just stay over and we can do makeovers and stuff-
*ring ring*
-now karate!!- HAY YA! Taliah screamed and did the karate pose 
-hahahaha see you later!-
The classes went bye really slow and finnaly they were over, I got to my house and taliah went to hers and was going to look for clothe to come and stay 
-mom I'm here! By the way taliah is gonna stay here today-
-ok honney but I'm not gonna be home today and ur dad is working late and your sister is going to stay at a friends house, so your gonna be home alone-
-okay, oh can you make me ravioli?-
-sure, honney-
I went upstairs to my room, took a shower and put a purple t-shirt that had a panda with glasses and said "nerd" with black shorts and went downstairs to see if mom had finished doing my ravioli
I saw the plate on the table and a note

Here's you food, I left for work. Dont open the door to strangers, There is some food in the refrigerator and I rented the movie you wanted it's on the living room table, goodnight 
Love Mom :)

I ate my ravioli and I heard the doorbell ring, I checked who it was before opening it... it was taliah
I opened it and she came in.
-so are you ready to watch the movie? I brought ice cream and chocolates!- she said jumping
-of course- I know it's kinda weird that I'm watching a movie of the guy that was my boyfriend for half a day but I don't care I still LOVE one direction and I still like Niall, and we are friends so yeah I'm not gonna not see my favorite movie because of that.
I put some blankets on the floor and we sat Down with a bowl filled with diffrent kinds of chocolates and we saved the ice cream for later
"Her boyfriend's a dick, he brings a gun to school, he simply kick my ass if he new the truth he lives on my block and drives an Iroc but he dosent know who I am and he dosent give a damn about me!!" we sang along to teenage dirtbag 
~10 minutes later~
Niall <3: hey loraine, um are you mad at me?
Me: why should I be mad at you? I meen I'm sad but not mad
Niall<3: thank god!! I meen im sorry, so what are u doing?
Me: it's ok I understand. I'm just watching your movie with taliah
Niall<3: oh ok :D then I will leave you alone so you can enjoy the movie ;)
Me: bye 
Niall<3: bye :*
The movie ended and there was still chocolate In the bowl so we dicided to do ice cream Sundays in top of brownies. 
-I have the brownies in the oven and ice cream in the freezer, what do we do till the brownies are done?- I asked
-ok after we do the makeovers we post photos on twitter, Instagram and Facebook... deal?-
We went into my bedroom and I put on a scarf on my eyes
I started with lipstick, then mascara, blush and last eyeshadow I took of the scarf and looked at taliah 
I started laughing really hard
-Oh my god taliah you look horrible!!- I said inbetween breaths cuz I couldn't stop laughing 
She looked in the mirror and started laughing at herself 
-now... MY TURN!!- she put the scarf on her eyes and started to do her masterpiece when she was done I looked at myself. I had lipstick on my nose and forehead and I had eyeshadow all over my cheeks we took funny pictures and put them on twitter , Instagram and Facebook: #taliah_robbinson #funnypics #loraine_gold #blindfoldedmakeovers #lmao #lol #girlsnight 
Like 1 minute after we had lots of comment and likes. I saw that Niall was following me on twitter and commented on my photo:
@officialniallhoran: #loraine_gold lmao you girls look crazy. oh and #zaynmalik said he would love to meen her 
Taliah saw the comment and started squeeling and screaming and jumping around
I started to laugh at her reaction she looked hilarious 
We took the makeup off and went downstairs and took the brownies out of the oven. mmm... they looked delicious. I put ice cream on top and put the bow of candy in the middle of the table so we could decorate and put the things we wanted on our Sundays
I took a Pic of mine and posted it on twitter: #sunday #bff's #candy #brownie #icecream #chocolate #sugarrush
-mmmm... This is so yummy- I said 
-I know!! I put Oreos on mine-
-I like Oreos but only the Oreo itself I don't like it on ice cream-
-I LOVE IT ANY WAY!!!- she screamed 
-So what are we gonna do now?- she asked me 
-wanna kareoke?-
-sure but be warened I'm not a verry good singer-
-me neither so LETS GO!!!-
We went upstairs to the game room and i plugged in my iPod to the kareoke 
-what song to you wanna sing?-
-c'mon c'mon?-
-Of course!!! I love that song- I looked for the song and the music started playing 
Me: the one that I came with, she had to go, but you look amazing standing alone

Taliah: so c'mon c'mon move a little closer now c'mon c'mon either way ur walkin now cmon cmon. Show me what your all about!

both: YEAH I've been watching you all night there's something in your eyes saying c'mon c'mon and dance with me baby 

Me: the one that I came with didint know how to move, the way that you let your hair down I can tell that you do 

Taliah: so c'mon c'mon move a little closer now c'mon c'mon either way ur walkin now c'mon c'mon show me what all about 

both: yeah! I've been watching you all night theres something in your eyes saying c'mon c'mon and dance with me baby

Taliah: every step I take I feel it more and more she comming around she's a lucky girl my heart is racing I reach for her hand and I say

Me: yeah I've been watching you all night there something in your eyes!! Saying c'mon c'mon and dance with me baby


We finished the song and I was almost out of breath
-I'm gonna go get water you want some?- i asked 
-sure I'm gonna pick the next song-
-okay!- I said heading down to the kitchen.

I grabbed the bottles of water and headed to the game room
-here- I gave her the bottle and sat down on a pink beanbag chair
-I have a idea!- I said 
-lets make a video! and post it on you tube!-
-sounds good but do you have a you tube channel?- 
-um no , I'm gonna make one- I opened my laptop and went on you tube
-what should i call it?- 
-the Loraine and taliah show!-
-love it- I made the account and we started to discuss what we wanted to do on the video
-ok, we have to be funny we should just do weird things- taliah said
-ok lets do it-
I turned the camera on and we stood me first and taliah behind me
"Hey I'm Loraine!"
"And I'm taliah. Taliah said moving to my side 
"And this is the Loraine and taliah show!!!" we said together 
"Well hello people on the inter web we are here, to make every single day happier, we are just gonna do shows every week and if we get a good response from you guys maybe every day so lets get this thing started!" I said and started to dance in front of the camera
"So taliah what will we be doing today for our fellow viewers?"
"Well Loraine I was thinking we could do a challenge"
"Ohhh that sound interesting, what kind of challenge?"
"The bannana and sprite challenge your gonna eat 2 bannanas and chug a can of sprite in 1 minute"
"Um... ok I'm scared but it sounds cool"
"While Loraine goes and looks for the stuff I'm gonna keep you entertained" I went downstairs and I head some falls so I think taliah is dancing, i took 4 bannanas and 2 sprites and I went upstairs and saw taliah doing some kind of TADA! pose 
"I'm back!" 
"Ok now you first"
I took a bannana and shoved it in my mouth and took the other bannana and also shoved it inside my mouth and opened the can of sprite and put a lot on my mouth. I almost puked, I ran to the bathroom and spit it all into the sink and cleaned my face 
  "And that's Loraine spitting everything out of her mouth , funny... But disgusting"
  "Ok since I'm a good friend I'm not gonna make you do that, so that's it for today this is the Loraine and taliah show , see ya later"
  "See ya!" 
We ended the video and went to the game room I opened my laptop and started to edit the video and I posted it 
 -I think we should go to sleep I'm so tired, you can go in the guest room-
  -ok good night-
I took a shower put my pj's and went to sleep

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