Age is just a number

Jen is 13 and loves Nall Horan. Her brother or step-brother is Harry Styles. She really like Niall. But will age, another boy, and her own family. Stop them from becoming a couple.


1. Who Me?

I was sitting on the bench watching my step-brother play futball. He was acting like the king of the world. ever since my dad married his mom a long time ago, he has always cared for me. I had to change my name so at school, people always try to hang with me bacuse of him. My only best friend is Lucy. She doesn't care that my last name is Styles. Gemma was walking up the bleachers and sitting by me. I gave her a big bear hug. "Hey Jen what's shaking". "Oh notin Do I have to watch Harry play". She nodded her head. I was so jelous. I had to quit futball because of my arm. Harry gave a thumbs up signaling he was done. I smiled and walked to the car. We piled in. "Hazza what are we eating" I asked. "Well the boys are coming over so i think Pizza" he said not taking his eyes off the road. "YES the boys are coming" I squealed. "yes Niall is coming". I just blushed. everyone knew I had the hugest crush on niall. even though I'm only 13. "Is El coming too". El was like my bestie. she always did my hair and dressed me up. "Yeah she's coming". "Yay she can help get me ready for my date with Josh" I jumped up and dow happily. As we walked in. Anne was cleaning the kitchen. She gave all of us kisses on the cheeks. Then my dad ame in a gave me a bear hug. "Daddy I'm gonna go get ready for my Josh" I giggled and ran up the stairs. I got on my clothes. I had a blue flowy dress. With Turqoiuse flats and i braided me dark brown hair. I put on mascara, and lipstick. I was happy with myself. I ran down to find all 5 of the boys sitting on the couch. They turned to me. el looked at me. "Sice when do you need my help" she asked adding a few touches. she bent down and gave me a hug. I gave all of them hugs. Niall gave me a horan hug. The doorbell rang and josh came in. "Hey you look beautiful" he said coming up and giving me a kiss on the cheek. " You look handsome yourself" you  said hugging him. You introduced him. "We'll be back by 11 Dad" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Ok sweety have fun". His mom drove us. The movie was I Will Never Forget. I absolutley cried. He hugged me. Harry was outside waiting. As we got to the house. it was a mess. I got changed into pj's then told veryone goodnight. Then I heard Harry and Niall talking. In his room. I listened outside the door. "no Niall she is only 13 and just went on a date" Harry told him. "But I don't care how old she is I like her" He argued. I squeled qietly. But not enough. "Come out here right now" Harry commanded. "Who Me" I asked walking into the room. 

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