Why try

I was pushed up against the locker. His chest was pushed up against mine, "morning beautiful!" "Get lost styles." I snapped "oh come on jess! I know you want me." He smirked, "no. I dont want you." "Well i want you.." He said pushing up against me even more. I bit my lip and said "to bad you'll never have me."


9. Chapter 8 part 2

We stood in a awkward silence for a moment then i broke the silence by saying "listen harry, i talked to Lou and~" but he cut me off. "No. Jess you listen! I know you love niall but~" it's my turn to cut him off. "I broke up with him harry." He paused and said "what? Why?" "Because...because...i-i..."
"Jessica brooks i am helplessly in love with you...ever since we bumped into eachother in the corridor. When i kissed you in the music room i felt sparks! And alot of them. I have never felt sparks when i kissed a girl before. That's how I knew your the one! And as stupid as it seems i have never told a girl i love her. It's always i like you. Never love! The only people i say i love are my family members. Never a girl! But with you...it's love. My heart jumps when im with you or you walk by or you talk to me! It hurt me alot when i saw you with niall...i acted so horrible today not because i was stressed like i told you. I was jealous of you and niall. I was jealous he had you and you loved him. But when you guys kissed...that tore my heart apart! Jessica...i love you so so so so much! Before my parents broke up my dad gave me this necklace. I havent taken it off since he gave it to me which was 10 years ago. To prove my love to you i want you to have it. Never take it off! It will remind you i will always love you...and you will always hopefully love me." He took off his silver necklace. On the end hung a single charm shaped like a paper airoplane. It was adorable! He put it around my neck and clipped on. I held the charm in my hand and then let it drop onto my chest. I was completely speechless. Oh my god...harry styles loves me and it feels so good! I stepped forward not knowing what to do i put my my hands on the back of his neck. He smiled as he put his large hands on my tiny waist, we looked deeply into eachothers eyes. His ocean green eyes stared deeply into my chocolate brown eyes. I couldnt help noticing his eyes looked fully of love. I couldn't help it anymore. I leant up and kissed his soft lips. We both stepped back and my back touched the wall. He inched closer so our chests were touching and there was no space inbetween us. I moved my hands up slowly and played with his curls and tugged on them gently causing harry to intensify the kiss. After we pulled back for a breath i frowned and harry asked, "what's wrong jess?" "Are we together?" I questioned. "Do you want us to be?" Teased harry "YES!" I said a little to enthusiastically "Then we are together!" I smiled and he kissed my nose gently. From behind us we heard clapping. We both turned around to see Anne with a camera and a really pretty girl with similar feautures to harry standing in the doorway. They both had tears in their eyes. The girl must be harrys sister or something? Anne turned off the camera and they both rushed over to harry hugging him. "Oh haz! That was adorable!" Said the girl wiping away her tears with her finger Anne did the same. "Wait are you two crying?" Asked harry chuckling slightly. "We'll yeah! That was like the cutest speech ever!" Said the girl. "Oh harry! Im so proud of you! Treat her right!" Said Anne smiling. The girl turned to me and smiled. "HEYYA! Im Gemma, harrys big sister!" I smiled and we hugged. "Hey gem! Im Jessica!" "Yeah i know! Harry doesn't shut up about you and now i can see why! You a stunner!" This caused both me and harry both to blush. "GEMMMMMMMAAAA!" Whined harry making my laugh. "So jess want to stay over tonight?" Asked Gemma eagerly, wow she likes me so much already! "Yeah sure!" I said hugging her.
"Yeah! You can choose who's room you want to sleep in!" Said Gemma kindly. "Thanks gem! Im gunna sleep with you!" She smiled and we giggled. "AH! What?! Why aren't you gunna sleep with me?!" Said harry pulling a puppy dog face. "Because i dont want to get pregnant tonight haz!" "Hey whats that supposed to mean?" Said harry denfensivly. "Nothin boo!" I cooed. "Ok im gunna go to bed sorry but im so tired!" Said Gemma. I went upstairs with her after i said goodnight to Anne and harry. Me and Gemma talked for a bit about guys and other stuff is ladies talk about and then she fell asleep so i quickly texted my mum.

JESSICA: hey mum! Staying at harry and Gemma's tonight! Is that ok? Gemma is harrys older sister dont worry im sleeping in her room! ;)
MUM: yeah! He seems like a nice boy! Have fun!

i smiled and quickly texted ant.

JESSICA: yo bro! Staying at harrys to tonight!
ANTHONY: ok! Niall told me what happened! Im so sorry! :'(
JESSICA: Its ok! We are better as friends anyways! If Cece is preganant tomorrow at school your dead! ;)
ANTHONY: cheeky devil! Dont worry she won't be! Night! :)

then i turned off my phone and fell asleep.
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