Why try

I was pushed up against the locker. His chest was pushed up against mine, "morning beautiful!" "Get lost styles." I snapped "oh come on jess! I know you want me." He smirked, "no. I dont want you." "Well i want you.." He said pushing up against me even more. I bit my lip and said "to bad you'll never have me."


8. Chapter 8 part 1

I sighed to get up and answer the door but niall pulled me back,
"No dont go..." He whined. "Niall im just gunna open the door!" Then we heard someone shout. "COME ON GUYS! OPEN UP WE KNOW YOUR IN THERE!" Shouted a familiar accent! LOUIS!
I jumped up and ran to the door as niall pulled on his shirt, i opened the door and saw louis and harry standing in the doorway! I smiled widely and they came in. "Hey girlie! I convinced this monster to stay the night!" Said louis poking harry playfully. Harry smiled but his face turned serious when he looked at me. What did i do? They went and sat in the lounge next to niall. There was another sofa but i chose to sit on the floor with my back on the radiator.
"Jess you ok down there?" Asked niall, i just nodded yes and looked at harry. He looked at me with a blank expression.
I couldn't stand this. Why is he acting this was towards me?!
"Harry? Are you ok?" He looked at me bewildered then narrowed his eyes at me and said "do i look ok?" He spat.
Ok i have had it. "Guys can you give me and harry a few minutes?" I said through gritted teeth. "Uh...yeah sure." They both said. They stood up and left. Harry looked at me but didnt say anything. "Harry! Talk to me!" I whined "there's nothing to talk about." He said simply. "Well why are you acting like you hate me?" His phone beeped. He got a text. He read it quickly and said "i dont hate you. I would never forgive myself if i said i hated you." Then he stood up and walked out the door. I sat there speechless. I heard some arguing and then the front door slammed.
Niall came running in, "jess are you ok? What happened?!" "Niall...where's lou?" I said still in shock. "He just left after harry." I gasped and got up running out the door. I heard niall shout after me but i didn't stop running, i kept running down the road till i saw louis.
"LOUIS!" I shouted after him out of breath. He turned and looked at me "jess? What are you doing?" He asked " Louis stop chasing after harry. He's just going to keep running. I dont know whats wrong with him, but if he doesn't want to be my friend im not going to run after him and try to please him."
Louis looked shocked at what i just said.
"Wow. Most girls would run to the en of the earth for harry..." "Well im not like most girls." He sighed and said "i admire you jess! But the thing is...ever since harry met you i have noticed hes been different. He loves you jess. I can see by the way he looked at you. He's just scared of the thought of being tied down to one person."
Huh? Is this real? Harry loves me? I thought to myself. Urgh! Get the thought out of your head girl! YOU LOVE NIALL! NOT HARRY! Or do you...?
OMG this is sooooooo messed up.
Why does this have to happen to me?!
"Jess are you ok? Your frozen!" Chuckled louis. "Oh yeah...i was just thinking..."
Louis face turned serious "jess. Im not joking anymore. Niall isn't right for you. Yeah your a cute couple but harry dying in front of your eyes and you don't even realise it. Im not telling you to break up with niall its just...he said its better if you guys are just friends." I smiled understandingly and hugged louis. "Thankyou so much lou!" "No problem girlie!" He kissed my forehead and i ran off back to the house. I burst into the door. "NIALL! I-I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" I gasped. He came running, "yeah what is it?" He sat me down in the lounge and i began. "Ok don't say anything from now! Ok?" He nodded and i said, "ok so...I've been thinking and i talked to Louis and i think...maybe we should be just friends?" He smiled and said "yeah! I was about to say that but i didn't want to hurt you...i think you and harry are made for eachother and im just getting in the way." I gasped and hugged niall.
"Thanks!" He chuckled and i ran upstairs and texted harry.


Almost instantly i got a reply.

Harry: what.
Jessica: I NEED 2 TLK 2 U NOW!
Harry: about what?
Harry: ________ ____ ____ ____

I turned off my phone and said bye to niall. He smiled and hugged me. "We are like best friends right?" "Defiantly!" I replied. He smiled and i ran out the door and got into my car. I have a white Audi S5 i got it for my early birthday present! (Yes i took my driving test early!)
I drove to the address harry had given me. I parked my car in the drive way and ran to the front door. I knocked 3 times and waited for a reply.
A really pretty lady with brunette hair and the same green sparkling eyes as harry who looked around in her 30's opened the door.
"Hi Mrs.Styles!" I smiled "why hello sweetie! You must be Jessica! Harry doesn't stop talking about you!" I blushed and giggled slightly. "You are really beautiful! I understand why harry loves you!" That made me blush even more. "Thanks mrs.styles!" I smiled. "No please! Call me Anne!" "Ok Anne! So is harry home?" "Yeah! come on in!"
I stepped in their warm house. It was so beautiful! "HARRY! YOU HAVE A VISITOR!" She shouted. "TELL THEM TO GO AWAY! IM NOT IN THE MOOD!" She looked at me and i raised my eyebrows. "He's been like this since he got home! I'll tell him its you! HARRY DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO JESSICA TO GO AWAY?"
Almost instantly i heard his bedroom door open. He rushed down the stairs.
"Oh hey jess." He said casually slowing to a walk. "Hey haz!" I smiled and Anne smiled. "I'll give you guys some alone time!" She winked at me and went into the living room leaving us alone in the hall way.
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