Why try

I was pushed up against the locker. His chest was pushed up against mine, "morning beautiful!" "Get lost styles." I snapped "oh come on jess! I know you want me." He smirked, "no. I dont want you." "Well i want you.." He said pushing up against me even more. I bit my lip and said "to bad you'll never have me."


7. Chapter 7

Is this for real? Am i dreaming? Is this seriously Zayn?!
It's like he could read my mind "yeah Jessie...it's me" he chuckled. I gasped and the tears spilled down my cheeks.
"Oh god...zayn you don't know how much I've missed you!" I said my voice was scrackling. "Same but seriously where are you? It's been lonely!" He sounded so cheerful. "Cheshire." I said quietly. There was a pause "why are you in Cheshire?" He asked sounding confused. My voice was dry i couldn't speak. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. "Jessie?" He said "zayn...we moved to Cheshire." Now it was his turn to gasp. "W-what? Why didn't you tell me?!" He said quietly, "you wouldn't pick up your phone. It's not my fault. I-im sorry for being mean to your girlfriend." i started to cry. niall stood up to hug me but anthony stopped him. Zayn was silent. "Listen Jessie. I dumped her. You were right she was a slut she never loved me! Please don't cry! I was being a idiot! Listen i have to go but i promise i will make it up to you!" Before i could say bye he ended the call...i locked my phone and put it on the table. Then i sat on the sofa next to niall. I stared at the wall. "Jess...are you ok?" Asked niall gently, i stayed silent and carried on looking at the wall. Then one single teardrop fell down my cheek. Then another and another. "Jess your not ok! Tell me whats wrong?" He pleaded "im f-fine." I stuttered. Great! Why did i even talk! Now im fully crying. I got up and ran upstairs into my room. I jumped on my bed and covered my face in a pillow. I grabbed my favourite teddy. It was a medium sized fluffy grey bear holding a pink heart that says 'i love you' zayn gave it to me in year 7 for valentines day. I cried harder now i was thinking about him. I heard my door open. "Jess?" Said a angelic irish voice.
It was niall. I groaned "what not happy to hear me?" He asked offended "i never said that." I whispered. He came and sat next to me on the bed. He wrapped his as around me and i rested my head on his chest and he stroked my hair.
"Ant told me everything...im sorry"
I sighed and noticed i had stopped crying.
He wiped away the remaining tears on my cheeks with his thumb. Wow his hand is so soft...
"This is cute!" He said stroking the bears fur. I smiled and said "yeah, zayn got it for me." Niall smiled at me. "Hey let's go get a smoothie!" He said happily. I smiled and nodded "yeah that would be great nialler!" He smiled at his new pet name. "Ok princess I'll go get ant and Cece!"
I smiled, did he just call me princess? Hahaha his kid is adorable romantic and just perfect! I sat up and got off my bed. I went into the bathroom and took of my makeup. I went downstairs and put on my ugg boots. Anthony hugged me and said "you ok now?" I nodded yes and smiled. "Come on guys! I wanna smoothie!" Whined Cece making us all laugh.
We walked out the door and down the road, it was still light. I checked the time on my phone 5:15. Niall grabbed my hand gently and entwined our fingers together making me smile. I kissed his cheek gently making him laugh gently. When we got to town we went into the smootie shop called 'smoothie shack' we took a seat next to the window and i went up with Anthony to get the smoothies "hi! What would you like?" Asked the nice guy behind the till. "Ok so i would like 1 mango smoothie 2 pinapple and 1 strawberry!" He smiled and went to get our smoothies.
I payed for the smoothies and me and ant took them back over to the table.
There was one ginger slutty looking girl sitting in my seat next to niall. I frowned and so did Anthony. Cece looked annoyed at her and niall just looked freaked out...what has she been saying! I stood next to the table and cleared my throat making her look at me. "Haha! Nice pajama bottoms nerd." She laughed. I didn't care if i was walking down the road in a frikin onezie let alone pajama bottoms! "Ha ha funny. Nice boobs barbie." I smirked. She was wearing a super low top and super tight super short shorts. "Excuse me?" She questioned. "Yeah actually barbie's boobs look more realistic than yours! How many boob jobs have you had?" "Shut up bitch!" She spat angrily getting embarrassed. "Oh i dont care if im a bitch. Sorry we don't want a prostatute Now get out my seat carrot head." The girl gasped stood up and walked away looking really really annoyed.
I smiled happily and sat down handing out the smoothies. Niall, Cece and Anthony were just sitting there laughing so hard. Then i started laughing. "Wow your not afraid to say what you think!" Said niall still laughing "well that's the kind of person i like being!" I smiled. We all stopped laughing and started drinking out smoothies and talking. Anthony and Cece were now sharing the same smoothie from the same glass. Niall looked at me "what?" I said innocently "cant we do that?" He asked "Nuh-uh! This is my smoothie!" I said playfully. "Awww but princess! It's adorable! Please??" He whined "no! Drink your own! i dont share food!" I said "please? Just so i can get a picture?" He asked pleadingly "ok fine! But only a picture!" I said defeated. He slipped his straw into my drink and got out his phone. He held it out arms length and took the picture. He looked at the picture and smiled "hey! Show me! Show me!" I said like a little kid. He gave me his phone and it looked adorable! We were both smiling and drinking the smoothie! I sent it to myself via text. I gave niall his phone back and carried on drinking my smoothie. I then got a text. It was the photo i sent to myself i saved the number and named it Nialler<3 he saw that and smiled he found my number and labelled it princess<3 i smiled and kissed his cheek. I unlocked my iPhone and set the picture of us sharing the smoothie to my screensaver and so did he. Wow we are so cute together! They were all waiting for me to finish my smoothie. But i cant drink it im to worried about harry...is he ok? Why did he leave? What did i do?
"Jess?" I snapped my head up to look at Cece "huh? Yeah?" I said "were you even listening to me?" Se said "No sorry i didn't even hear you..." I said honestly. "Come on jess hurry up and drink your smoothie! I wanna go home!" Whined Anthony. "Oh...i dont want it." I passed it to niall because i knew he would drink it. He's always hungry! :)
He willingly drank it but looked concerned. I stood up and tucked in my chair. The rest of the guys stood up and did the same and we walked out. Niall held my hand and kissed my cheek gently. "Princess you ok?" I just nodded and he raised his eyebrows. "Babe! Im fine! God leave me alone." I let go of his hand and walked off ahead of the others. I mean yeah its my time of the month but why did god make us stressy? Now i hurt his feelings and i need to apologise. I looked back but i didn't see the guys...oh well! I'll catch up with them at the house. I opened the door and took off my boots. I swear i heard something in the lounge...
I went in to find mum on the sofa. "Hey sweetie!" She smiled "oh hey mum! I thought you weren't going to be back till late?" I said confused. "Yeah i got off work early! But dont worry im going to stay at my friends tonight im leaving in a second he should be here any second!" She smiled. "He?" I asked "yeah...he's really nice! Im sure you will like him! His name is Edward Logan" she breathed. The looked so happy...maybe i should be so negative! Im sure hes a nice guy! I havent seen her so happy since mum and dad divorced! "Oh ok! Make sure he comes around soon so i can meet him!" I said happily trying to give my mum a good impression. "Don't worry jess i will make sure he does!" Then there was a knock at the door. That's Edward! Mum stood up and kissed my cheek. "See you tomorrow afternoon!" I smiled and she went off out the door.
I sighed and sat on the sofa flipping through the channels. Then the front door opened and ant Cece and nialler came in.
Ant and Cece sat on the sofa opposite. His arm was wrapped around her. They were adorable. Wait where's Niall? I looked up to see him standing awkwardly in the doorway. He looked sorry.
i rolled my eyes and pulled out my phone.
I turned it on and i had 2 texts.
the texts were from Liam and Zayn.

Liam: hey jess! Sorry i had to go! I will see you at school tomorrow! Have a great night! :) xxx

awww Liam is so cute! So i texted back,

Jessica: hey liam! Dont worry its fine i understand! Have a great night to! See you tomorrow! ;) xoxo

then i checked my other text from zayn.
he said:

zayn: hey Jessie! Sorry i had to go! I will make it up to you! Love you! ;) xx

I smiled and texted back,

Jessica: hey ZAYNNNNN! Dont worry its fine! Love you to! :D xx

I turned off my phone and looked up at Anthony and Cece. They were kissing. Ew?
"Uh guys..? GET A ROOM!"
cece blushed and Anthony said, "fine!" He took vexes hand and led Cece upstairs. Cece shot me a look and i shouted after her "SHOUT FOR ME IF HE GETS TO ROUGH!" I chuckled to myself and went back to my phone. I checked my twitter for any Taylor swift info. Yes. Im a Taylor swift fan!
I dont know why but everyone says i sound like her a bit when i sing but im just a tad better so im suddenly obsessed with her! <3
No swift info so i turned off my phone and looked at niall standing in the doorway. I smiled at him lookin so uncomfortable, he looked so funny!
"Babe you know you can sit down right?"
he calmed at me calling him babe a bit but then he said "no. Im scared you might shout at me again."
Oh seriously?! Is he really going to play this game! I cant be asked! I got up and walked over to him. I wrapped my arms around his torso loosely pullin him closer to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and i smiled up at him. "Nialler im sorry! Im just not in a great mood...and i have things to sort out that's all! I really didn't mean to shout at you! I cant help it!" He smiled slightly, "oh i get it! It's your time of the month!" He said cheekily. I swear im bright red. "Well as embarrassing as it is. Yeah it's true. Just dont say that anymore." I joked poking him in the stomach gently. Wow...his stomach is like rock hard!!
i frowned. "What?" He asked, "lift up your shirt a second!" "How about i take it off?" He said raising his eyebrows. "Yes! Come on quicker!" He started taking off his shirt and said "that's what she said" that comment made me laugh. When his shirt was off i gasped and said "THATS WHATS I THOUGHT!" He look a little confused so i said "your stomach was rock hard so i thought damn this guy has some muscles and hell yeah you do!" He just laughed slightly. "Well yeah i dont like my shirt off much..." He confessed. "Why? You have a great body!" He just shrugged his shoulders and sat on the sofa and pulled me onto his lap. We sat there. I traced his muscles with my index finger and he just played with a long strand of my hair.
Then i heard a knock at the front door.
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