Why try

I was pushed up against the locker. His chest was pushed up against mine, "morning beautiful!" "Get lost styles." I snapped "oh come on jess! I know you want me." He smirked, "no. I dont want you." "Well i want you.." He said pushing up against me even more. I bit my lip and said "to bad you'll never have me."


6. Chapter 6

We were all snuggled up on the sofas watching toy story (Liam's favourite movie) and drinkin hot chocolate.
Anthony and Cece were snuggled up together on the single couch. How cute. Not.
louis and Liam were really close and niall was snuggled up to me. I mean i know we are all squashed on one sofa but there is another one opposite but we choose to squash up on one.
Liam and Louis got off the sofa and layed on the floor on their stomachs. This gave me harry and niall alot of space to sit. I was hoping niall would budge up. But he didnt. He stayed snuggled up to me!
My eyes were getting droopy. The boys are all stayin over so it doesn't matter if we all crashed in here.
I casually rested my head on nialls shoulder and he rested his head ontop of my head! OMG this is sooo cute! Niall is so cute and perfect in every way!
I slyly looked at harry from the corner of my eye.
He wasnt watching the movie he was looking directly at me! He smiled and i winked back catching him off guard making him blush slightly.
I giggled slightly and niall looked at me.
"What?" He asked
"oh nothing nothing! Dont worry! Im not laughing at you!" I reassured him.
"Then what are you laughing at?" He asked more urgently.
"Don't worry i said!" Getting a little annoyed. "Don't make me do it!" He said trying to sound annoyed.
"Do what?" I questioned. The next thing i knew niall was kissing me...OMG i felt sparks. Major sparks but not the fireworks i feel with harry...but it's not far off! :)
meh pulled away gently and louis did a massive wolf whistle making me blush and face the ground as i smiled. Niall lifted my chin gently making me look at him.
"Why do you smile at the ground?" He asked curiously
"i dunno...im just...insecure i guess." He laughed gently oh my frikin god! His laugh is adorable to!
"Jess...you perfect. Will you be my girlfriend?" Excuse me? What the hell did he just say? Oh my gawwwddd! This is surreal! He did not just ask me to be his girlfriend did he? Louis did a 'ohhhh' sound making it more intense.
"Of course i will!" I smiled and niall kissed me again. Half way through the kiss harry got up and left the room...what? Is he ok? Whats wrong with him?
I pulled away from the kiss and niall looked confused. "i'll be right back!" I ran after harry.
I found him in the corridor. His bag was packed and he opened the door. "Harry? Where are you going?" I asked confused. "Home." He said coldly without even turned around. He slammed the door behind him making me jump slightly. I was confused. Where did he go...?
i sighed and went back into the lounge and sat next to niall. He wrapped his arm around me and said "you ok babe?" I nodded yes but my blank expression said it all. "Jess...where's harry?" Asked louis concerned.
"He went home." I said blankly. Louis stood up and left. He took his bag to and left...he shouted
"bye guys! Sorry i gotta go!" Everyone is leaving...and it's all my fault! I felt tears prick in my eyes but i held them back. Liam then got up and said "well..." "Your not leaving to are you? This is all my fault!" I whined. "Hey hey! Jess this isn't your fault! Harrys just being a brat! Hes just jealous but he will get over it! Just give him a day or two to calm down! Come on smile! Your my bat woman!" I smiled at his joke and i stood up to hug him. He squeezed my tightly then kisse my cheek. "See you guys!" He smiled and walked out. I sat back down next to niall and let out a deep sigh.
"Babe calm down! It's not your fault!" Niall soothed me with his words. Niall...niall...he's perfect.
Suddenly my phone started ringing from the other side of the room.
Anthony jumped up and answered it. I basically rugby tackled him to the floor and grabbed the phone off him. I was not in the mood for this. I straightened my top and answered the phone. "Hello?" I asked considering i didn't get a chance to look at the caller ID.
"Hey jessi." Those 2 words made my heart flip and tears started forming in my eyes. Everyone had gone silent and someone had paused the movie. Everyone was looking at me. I managed to squeak out one word...
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