Why try

I was pushed up against the locker. His chest was pushed up against mine, "morning beautiful!" "Get lost styles." I snapped "oh come on jess! I know you want me." He smirked, "no. I dont want you." "Well i want you.." He said pushing up against me even more. I bit my lip and said "to bad you'll never have me."


5. Chapter 5

I walked into class confused and basically messed up.
why? Why did i run away! I had him! He kissed me! And i just ran away! What the hell is wrong with me?!
i was sitting in geography watching the most boring video ever!
the my phone started vibrating in my pocket.
Hehe that tickles! I took out my phone and checked it under the table. It was a text from ant.

ant: ohhh! Naughty girl! Snogging session with styles! ;)
jess: oh god! Dont tell Cece! She will hate me!
ant: she already knows.

that last message made my stomach turn...
i turned to see Cece. And I whipered to her,
"You mad?"
"nah! It's cool! Just promise you won't get hurt...?"
She said protectively "yes i promise after all you did snog my brother after French!" I swear tomatoes would look pale compared to her. She went sooooo red! "Yeah...we're dating!" I smiled at her and high fived her.

~after school~

We were walking across the school to the gates.
"Hey Cece wanna come to mine? Mum said i can have a friend over!" "Oh yeah sure! Lets go!" We linked arms and carried on walking and laughing. Then we saw ant with 4 other guys leaning up against the wall waiting for us.
Cece let go of me and ran to Anthony.
"Hey babe!" He said trying to sound cute.
He completely blanked me!! I cant believe this! I know shes his girlfriend but she my bestfriend! Actually shes one of my close friends. Zayn is still my bestfriend even if hes in Bradford! I dont care!
"oh so i dont get a hello?" I said coldly.
"Hello jess." He said sounding annoyed by my presence. Fine if he wants to be like that. Two can play at that game and hes goin to loose big time.
"so who are you guys?" I asked politely to the guys next to him. I looked at each of them. Oh great! One i them had to be styles! Seriously!!
In the end i found out that the super cute blonde irish one with blue eyes, cute braces and a adorable quif is called Niall. The crazy loud one with brown messy hair and blue eyes is called louis and the sweet quieter one with a cute army cut hair do and brown eyes is called liam. These guys are really cute! Niall is so fit! But maybe i like harry like 2% more?
ant and Cece are annoying me now.
i went off and started to walk home leaving the rest behind. As i was walking i swear i heard footsteps behind me. So i turned around to see harry following me. "What the hell are you doing styles?" I asked trying to sound pissed off but secretly i loved the fact he followed me! "So what happened to harry? That is after all my first name!" He whined. "Oh fine! Harry what the hell are you doing?" "Walking with you!" He said cutely. "No your walking behind me like a pedo stalker!" I joked making him chuckle. "So where are the others?" I asked confused. "Oh they said they were going to get their stuff cuz ant invited them to stay overnight." My stomach jumped. "Are you staying to?" "Do you want me to?" He asked cheekily. "Hey your ants friend not mine." Ok now i think about it that sounds really harsh! "Oi! That's mean! Why aren't we friends? Oh i get it! You want to be more than friends!" He smirked "I NEVER SAID THAT!" I argued "what about the kiss?" He questioned "You kissed me. It's polite to kiss back." I said smartly. "Whatever." Finally we got home.
"harry stay here im going to have a shower!" I said going up the stairs "alright!" He smirked.
hes a cheeky little devil that boy is!
I smiled to myself as i got in the bathroom. I stripped down and jumped in the shower. I used my favourite apple scented shampoo and conditioner.
After my shower i wrapped my towel around me and went into my bedroom. Harry was sitting on my bed smirking at me. I hate when he smirks its soooo annoying! Hes to cheeky! "What are you doing? I told you to wait downstairs!" I said annoyed. He just eyed me up and down. "Harry?..." He stood up and put his large hands on my waist pushing my body up against him. He towers over me! Im not small hes just pretty tall! "Your cute in a towel." He smiled so his dimples were showing...wow they are like magic! They just put a spell on me! I just suddenly felt the urge to kiss him...i got up on my tip toes and kissed his lips softly. He kissed back but softer. This is weird...he's normally forceful and passionate. He's just giving me butterfly kisses! I wrapped my arms around his neck and then tangled my fingers in his messy curls. I pulled his face closer. He stopped kissing me and kissed my jaw line moving down to my neck and then onto my chest. He left a trail of wet kisses on my chest then moved back up onto my neck where he started to nipple gently. Then he sucked hard making me moan... But then i heard the door open downstairs."h-harry! They are h-home!" I pulled away and smiled he planted a quick kiss on my cheek and then walked to the door he winked before leaving making me smile.
I stood there memorised. Then i started to get dressed. In the end i was wearing:
it looked really cute actually!
i smiled then went downstairs. The boys were all on the sofas in the lounge. Anthony and Cece were in the singe arm chair Cece was on ants lap.
eh. Im not to keen on them anymore. I mean they are cute but im just forgotten. Just as always. But I have a new saying. 'Keep your head high and your hopes higher!' I smiled at the boys and sat inbetween harry and louis.
"OH MY LORD! Jess i love your top!" Said liam excitedly. "Oh your into batman to?" I asked "YEAH! He's my hero!" I laughed and louis looked at me. "I mean i like batman but what about superman?! He's super amazing!" "Not to worry lou!" I showed him my earings and my superman iPhone case.
he smiled and got hyper "OH MY GAWD JESSICA BROOKS IS MY SUPER MODEL! I L O V E YOU GURLLL!" He said sassily whilst kissing my cheek.
Man this boy makes me laugh!
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