Why try

I was pushed up against the locker. His chest was pushed up against mine, "morning beautiful!" "Get lost styles." I snapped "oh come on jess! I know you want me." He smirked, "no. I dont want you." "Well i want you.." He said pushing up against me even more. I bit my lip and said "to bad you'll never have me."


4. Chapter 4

"Oh god! Im so sorry!" I said again,
"hey chill! It's completely ok!" He said casually shrugging his shoulders in his adorable raspy deep Cheshire accent.
"ok sorry again!" I stuttered really embarrassed.
"hahah your cute when your sorry" he chuckled.
i blushed madly and looked at the floor.
He walked off and said "see you around jess!" Then he winked and did his killer smile showing off his dimples. I smiled to myself as he left and slumped against the wall. Then i suddenly thought...wait...how did he know my name?!
Now im creeped out. When i see him next i will be sure to ask him!
i walked off to French.
When i got in the class my teacher gave me a lecture on not being late. I just blatantly stated that mrs.coleman kept me behind because she wanted to talk to me which wasnt a lie. Im amazing at lying anyways so it wouldn't have mattered. I took my seat next to Cece and Anthony. Wow isn't it weird i have sat next to them every lesson? Anyways.
"Where the hell were you two?" I whispered furiously at them. "Sorry hun we were gunna be late!" Cece apologised. "Oh yeah good excuse." I said smiling. "Sis why are you so late? I mean mrs.coleman didn't talk to you that long did she?" Questioned Anthony.
BUSTED! Ah i better just tell them.
"well after class i came out to find you guys but bumped into this really really hot guy! Like no joke he broke the hot scale!" Cece gasped an said "what did he look like?" I thought back and finally said "sparkling sea green eyes, adorable dimples, and brunette curly hair! He's perfect!" Ceces eyes widened when i said brunette curly hair. She went metal! "Jess! You can't! That's Harry Styles. Dont fall for him! Trust me hes trouble! Hes the born flirt! He has a reputation with the ladies. He says he loves you, fucks you then leaves your sorry ass! Hes dangerous! Please don't jess..." I smiled to her "yeah ok i promise you!"
But deep down inside i was broken. I wanted him.
but...i can never have him. And even if he wants me (which he never will) i have to reject him...
this is so unfair!
i squirmed in my seat thinking about how i could ever work my way around it. Nope my mind is blank.
finally French was over. I looked around the class. One boy was actually asleep. He's gunna be in some deep shit when he wakes up! I giggled and walked out. I went around the corner to try and find Cece or Anthony. The sight i saw really made my stomach flip. I saw Anthony. I saw Cece. They were kissing!
they are so cute! Well i better not desturb them! At least bug has found a girlfriend i approve of! :)
oh crap! I just remembered i need to go to the music room to see mrs.coleman and her other "talented" student.
When i got to the music block i went Into mrs.colemans room and saw her handing paper to a tall curly haired guy. He turned and saw me. His face lit up and he smiled madly. Oh fuck. Not him again! Of all the people! WHY HARRY STYLES!?
i felt so uncomfortable! Ok jess. CALM IT!
i walked over casually and put my bag down.
"hey jess!" Said harry. "Hey harry!" I smiled, he looked confused. "How do you know my name?" He asked puzzled. "I could ask you the same question! Are you some kind of physco stalker?" I asked jokily, "not all the time! I only stalk the hot ones!" He winked at me making me blush. Woah! "Jessica brooks! What the hell are you blushing for! You don't even like him! Your not supposed to like him!" Said my brain... "Jess! Come on you know you like him...smile girl! Dont listen to your brain! Listen to me your big beautiful heart!" I shook the voices outta my head mentally and listened to my head for once.
"no seriously harry...how do you know my name?" He smirked and said "babe your the new kid. The whole school is buzzing about you and how awesome/hot you are." I blushed again. I mentally face palmed myself. "Oh...well i have heard alot about you." I said casually. "Oh? What have you heard?" He asked intreaged "i heard your a born flirt. You love them. Fuck them and dump them." Now he looked a bit annoyed. "Hey it's not always like that!" He argued. "Oh course not sweetie!" I cooed ruffling his gorgeous curls. "Come on let's practise! Whats the song?" I said sitting by the piano.
"Mrs.coleman said broken strings..."
I smiled and said "ok so we need the piano and a guitar!" He smiled and said "ok what one do you want to play?" "I can play both!" "Ohhh talented! To bad i can only play guitar so your on piano!" He chuckled. I started playing and he joined in. After a few times through we decided i would sing most of it but at the end he would sing the parts that the guy says and i will just do echos and harmonies! It sounds great! We were having such a good time messing around and laughing then the bell rang for end of break. Great play times over! :( (ok that sounded so wrong...) i got up and went to walk out the door when harry grabbed me back. "Harry? Wha~" before i could say anything else he arched his neck and crashed his lips into mine. It felt so good but so wrong at the same time...i felt sparks going off everywhere...not sparks...FIREWORKS! He put his large hands on my skinny waist and i wrappe my arms around his neck slowly moving them up and pulling softly at his curls. His kiss was so forceful but yet so romantic and passionate. I could feel him smiling against my lips and i smiled to but then i thought...i promised Cece! I promised! I gently pulled back and he frowned. "Jess...what's wrong?" "I-i-i gotta go..." I turned and walked out running down the corridors to class i heard him shout after me but i carried on running. I cant risk Cece for harry...or can i?
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