Why try

I was pushed up against the locker. His chest was pushed up against mine, "morning beautiful!" "Get lost styles." I snapped "oh come on jess! I know you want me." He smirked, "no. I dont want you." "Well i want you.." He said pushing up against me even more. I bit my lip and said "to bad you'll never have me."


3. Chapter 3

As we sat in the car getting ready to start our new school my new saying wouldnt stop playing in my head. 'Keep you head high and you hopes higher'
i smiled to myself. Finally we arrived. The school was actually pretty big!
Maybe i can make some friends here?
i smiled and got out the car.
"Kids do you want me to walk you in?"
"no mum we will be fine! We will go to the principles office now!" Anthony said casually.
"Ok have fun! Remember you can have friends around anytime! Ant look after your sister!"
"I will! Bye mum!"
she smiled then drove away. I watched her car drive away down the road and around the corner till it was out of sight.
"Come on jess! Lets get there quickly we are late! Not a good sign!"
I laughed slightly at his enthusiasm.
"ok bug lets go!" "Oh my gawd! I swear! If you call me that infront of the class i will frikin kill you."
I laughed at his seriousness and pulled him into the school. We walked through the corridors and found the principles office. I knocked 3 times and waiting for a reply.
"come in!"
we walked in and the principle smiled at us, stood up and shook our hands.
"welcome welcome! Im principle muffler! You must be the brooks family?"
"yes! Im Anthony and this is my sister Jessica!"
"well aren't you a beauty!" She smiled at me making me blush slightly. "Thanks!"
the principle was a middle aged woman with blonde hair and glasses.
"ok so here is a timetable of the school! Your first lesson is music. But at the moment the rest of the class are in form. Your form room is room 69B" (hahaha sorry i found that funny!)
"ok thankyou!" I said smiling. "Come back here if you need help with anything!" "Will do!" I beamed and me and Anthony went off to find our form room.
we finally found it. We went up the stairs past one corridor and there it was room 69B. (Hahahaha cracking up every time! Im so immature!)
i took a deep breath and thought 'keep you head high and you hopes higher' then i knocked on the door and the teacher came and opened it.
"Why hello! And hi are you guys?"
"Im Jessica brooks."
"and im Anthony brooks. The 2 new students!"
"oh! Hello! Hello! Welcome im your form tutor miss.corline! You must come to this room every morning and after your last lesson everyday! Well appart from Tuesday mornings. You will go to the main hall for your assembly!"
wow miss.corline is really bubbly! Is everyone around here like this?
"ok..." Said Anthony curtly.
"Class...CLASS! These are our two new students! Jessica brooks and Anthony brooks!"
there were a couple of wolf whistles when my name was called out and all the girls were looking at Anthony like they wanted him. Wow im gunna have to protect my brother against these whores! (Ok that was a bit mean! They aren't all whores but some are!)
"alright guys you can pick your seats!"
I smiled and looked around the room. There were like 5 spare seats. I choose the seat next to a pretty girl with chocolate brown eyes and long red hair. (Dyed obviously) she had the same caramel coloured skin completion as me!
I sat down and she smiled at me, wow everyone is so friendly!
"hi! Im cecilia Anderson! But you can call me Cece!"
"hey Cece im Jessica brooks but i prefer jess!"
"wow cute name! Your so pretty! And your hair is amazing!" Exclaimed cecilia.
"Thanks! So are you!"
"thanks! So let's be friends?" Asked Cece,
I cant believe she just said that! OMG what the hell am i stalling for!? SAY YES IDIOT!
"yeah! Of course!" I said excitedly,
"well i mean if you don't want to its fine..." She quizzed looking a bit sad,
"no i just hesitated because in my old school i was really unpopular..." I whispered not wanting nyone to hear. "Oh...jessi im so sorry...i promise i won't tell anyone!" She said looking sympathetic.
"thankyou so much but please...dont tell anyone and dont call me jessi." I said seriously.
"oh...um...sorry but why?" She asked confused.
"my best friend calls me that. He's the only one that can call me that...sorry" i said gently.
"oh babe! Im sorry! I won't call you that! I'll just call you jess!" She said apologetically.
"thanks Cece!" I smiled at her and realised i was so caught up in talking to Cece i hadn't noticed Anthony was holding my hand under the table.
i looked at him and smiled, "sis your making friends already! Good job!" He smiled "yeah Cece is so sweet shes a nice girl!" "I bet she is..." He smirked eyeing her up and down "she's really hot to!" I slapped his arm gently. "Bug! Shut the fuck up!" I whispered angrily. "Jess." He warned. Before it could go any further the bell rang for first period great. Saved by the bell!
We all got up and grabbed out bags.
Cece pulled me out of the class and ant came running after us and untwined our fingers. If we werent related i swear people would think we were a couple!
I smiled at him and someone walked past and wolf-whistled.
I blushed and Cece said "wow the guys like you! Even the girls look really friendly around you! Lucky!"
I looked around and surely enough most of the guys and girls were looking at me. Not in a hateful way...but a lustful way. Creepy.
i smiled and carried on walking. Ant said to me "wow im gunna have to beat up some of these jerks!"
"what why?" I questioned him, "don't you see how they are looking at you?" "Yeah i do but i can fend for myself!" I laughed as Cece led us into a music room.
Yay! I love music and singing but i think i sound terrible. We all sat down and i took my usual seat next to Cece. Ant was about to sit next to me but a guy beat him to it. I frowned as ant took the seat behind me. The teacher was a young woman. Around 25?
"Ok class get into a group of 4 and each take a practise room. 1 person must sing, 1 person must do the drums 1 person must be on the piano and 1 person must be on the bass electric or normal guitar! Hurry up and get sorted! I will choose a group to preform at then end!"
Everyone hurried to get their groups. Everyone was in their groups but we were one person short. "Ok so what can you play jess?" Cece asked "i can play piano, a bit of the drums, electric guitar bass guitar acoustic guitar and normal guitar." Her eyes widened and so did Anthony's "wow!" "Jess when did you learn to play?" Asked Anthony. "Well i taught myself at break and lunch in our old school." I said "wow ok so i can do piano!" Said Cece, then ant said "i can do drums!" That left me. "I can do guitar!" I said. "Wait...we need a song to do it to!" Said Cece stating the obvious. "How about...i knew you were trouble? By Taylor swift?" I said casually. Secretly it was one of my favourite Taylor swift songs. "Yeah great idea! But who's going to sing? Im hopeless at singing and its a woman's voice." Whined Cece. I stayed silent and ant said "jess. You have a amazing voice! I hear you sing in your room when you think no one is home!" I blushed "i guess i could give it a go!" So we all went to our instruments. I grabbed the bad guitar and tuned it quickly. "Ok! 1. 2. 1, 2, 3, 4!" Said ant whacking his drum sticks. Then we started.
"once upon a time, a few mistakes ago, i was in your sight you got me alone you found me you found me you found me me me me........i knew you were trouble hen i walked in so shame on me nowww blew me two places I've neer been now im lying on the cold hard ground ohh ohhh ohhh...."
the the song stopped and Cece got up and hugged me.
"WOWO! Jess! Your amazing!" Then from the door our teacher said "yes. I agree! Jess...i want your group to preform to the class! You are all amazing and your parts fit in perfectly and your voice is amazing!" I smiled and nodded my head frantically. Our teacher smiled and we walked into class. The music teacher clapped her hands and said "CLASS! Everyone sit down! Jessica, cecilia and Anthony will be proforming now! Quickly sit down!"
everyone rushed to their seats and looked at us intently. Anthony sat at the drums, cece sat behind the piano and i grabbed my bass guitar and a chair and sat infront of the piano. Then Our teacher counted us in and we started...

after we finished everyone clapped and whistled madly. After class our teacher called me to the side while Anthony and Cece waiting outside the class for me.
"ok so Jessica. I have noticed you have a talent in music and i was wondering...would you be willing to do a duet with my other talented student? You will have a day to work on it and then you will be proforming in assembly tomorrow? Is that ok?"
i nodded "yes that will be fine!" "Can you meet me here at break?" I smiled and nodded "ok see you then mrs.coleman." Then i walked out of class and turned the corner and accidently bumped into a someone falling forward onto them lucky he caught me!
"Oh god im so sorry!" I said stepping backwards. I was face to face with possibly the hottest guy i hve ever seen. He was probably 7 inches taller than me. But he looked the same age. He had loose wild curls covering his forehead swiped to the side. He had green sparkling eyes and probably the cutest smile i had ever seen! His dimples were showing and i swear i was going weak at the knees! Sorry about this but..
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