I'm In Love With You And All Your Little Things

So just a warning, I'm really into vampires.
Emily and Vivian are twins and just turned 19. There parents left on a cruise the day after there birthday. They get tickets and backstage passes to the upcoming One Direction concert in Arizona. They meet they boys and for Liam and Emily it's love at first site. Vivian falls head over heels for Zayn. :)


17. We're Back

Zayn's POV

When I woke up Vivian was gone, I slept in her room last night, on the floor. I went downstairs and every one was already down there. Vivian was cooking. When she saw me she came ran over to me and hugged me. She is so cute. "Good morning beautiful." I said "Good morning." She smiled back. I helped her finish breakfast and two people came in, they looked like they were in there 40's. "We're back!" The woman yelled. "Mum!" Emily said running in, giving her a hug. These are Emily and Vivian's Mum and stepdad. Vivian ran over and gave them a hug to. The four of them walked in and saw me, Liam, Harry, and Lena on the couch. "Hey Mum, hey Joe." Lena said getting up and giving them a hug. "Lena, it's nice to see you. But who are these boys?" Vivian's Mum, Lisa, asked. "These are Louis' friends and our boyfriends." Emily told her. "Well, who's who?" Joe asked. Emily went over to Liam "This is my boyfriend, Liam." She said and kissed him quick. Vivian came over too me and hugged me "This is Zayn." She said "Vas Happenin' I said and Vivian giggled. Harry stood up and introduced himself. "And I'm Harry." He said sounding like he did in the pepsi comercial we did with Drew Brees. Lena went over to him. "He's my boyfriend." She said. "Nice to meet you, boys but, if your Boo's friends then where's my nephew?" She asked smiling at us. Lou and Callie burst through the door and Louis yelled on the top of his lungs. "Aunt Lisa!!!" He went over and hugged her. "Hello, Louis. Who's this pretty girl?" "My girlfriend, Callie King." he annonced and kissed her cheek. "Hello." Callie said. Niall and Sarah came through the door eating tacos and laughing. Niall saw Lisa and said "Hello, I'm Niall, Louis' best friend. You must be Aunt Lisa." He said and shook her hand. "Yes, that's correct." Lisa smiled. "This is Niall's girlfriend Sarah." Louis said gesturing at Sarah. "Well, now that you know everyone, you should go unpack." Emily said grabbing a suitcase and taking it upstairs.

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