I'm In Love With You And All Your Little Things

So just a warning, I'm really into vampires.
Emily and Vivian are twins and just turned 19. There parents left on a cruise the day after there birthday. They get tickets and backstage passes to the upcoming One Direction concert in Arizona. They meet they boys and for Liam and Emily it's love at first site. Vivian falls head over heels for Zayn. :)


16. Pool

Niall's POV

After Liam and Emily left for the pool, Sarah and I got our stuff and walked to the hotel. Callie and Louis left after Liam caried Emily upstairs. When we got there we signed in and went to our room. We layed down on the bed and put The Hunger Games in the DVD player. "When are we going home?" She asked, tracing circles in my chest. "Soon, I think." I told her and she fell asleep a rew minutes later. Shortly after I fell asleep too.

Zayn's POV

Vivian is my girlfriend now, and she is beautiful. We went to the movies and watched Warm Bodies, she hasn't seen it yet. When the movie was over we went home and found Harry and Lena asleep on the couch. When we walked over to the couch Lena's eyes shot open, bright red. "Hey" she said her eyes turning green again. "Hi, where is everyone?" Vivian asked. "Niall, Sarah, Louis, and Callie left for the hotel and Liam and Emily are at the pool." She told us.

Liam's POV

 When we got to the pool, Emily pulled of her t-shirt and my sweats, she had a cute sailers one piece swimsuit. I pulleed off my shirt and jumped in the pool. Emily jumoed over my head into the 13 foot deep area and made a huge slash. She came up already laughing. "Wow, that was big." I said. "I know, you should have seen your face." She laughed and swam over to me so fast I didn't know where she went until she has behind me. I turned around and saw her eyes were hot pink. "I love you Liam, from when I first saw you." She wispered in my ear. "I love you too, Emily from when I first layed eyes on you in the front row." She leaned over to me and kissed me, passionetly. I kissed her back, pulling her into me. She put her arms around me and after a few minutes my phone rang and she pulled away, smiling. She swam over to my phone and answered it. "Hello...........Liam's girlfriend..............Oh, hello. I'm Emily..........Yes just minutes. It's fof you!" She yelled at me. "Who is it?" "Your mum." I took the phone. "Hello,Mum." "hi sweetie, when are you and the boys coming home?" "Well our next tour is in two weeks and it will be a few months." "Ok, by Liam." "bye Mum." I hung up. "So we should probably leave soon, the  boys might get worried." Emily told me. "Ok, but wheres our stuff?" I asked. "In the car, I put them in there when you and your mum were on the phone." "Ok, let's go." I said and kissed her. She smiled and kissed me back, pulling me into the pool. When we did get out we got dressed and walked out to the car. Emily fell asleep in the car on the ride home. When we got back to the house it was like 10 at night. I carried her upstairs and put her in bed. then I changed into my pajamas. She woke long enough to change into her pajamas. Then both got in bed and fell asleep.

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