I'm In Love With You And All Your Little Things

So just a warning, I'm really into vampires.
Emily and Vivian are twins and just turned 19. There parents left on a cruise the day after there birthday. They get tickets and backstage passes to the upcoming One Direction concert in Arizona. They meet they boys and for Liam and Emily it's love at first site. Vivian falls head over heels for Zayn. :)


21. Married?!

Emily's POV

At the end of the tour I flew back home with Liam. When I got home Vivian was gone, probably at school. I barged through the door with Liam, mum was in the kitchen. "Hey hey! We're back!" I yelled. Mum came over and gave me a hug, Joe just nodded. I went over to the table and sat down, Liam sat by me. "How was your tour?" Mum asked. "Only the funnest tour EVER!" Liam said. "So... were's Viv?" I asked. "At her new house with Jacoband Ana." Joe said. "Who's Jacob? Who's Ana?" I asked. "Her husband and daughter." Mum said. "She's married?!" I yelled. Just then Vivian walked throught the door with a man and little girl. I ran over to her. "Your married?! and have a daughter?!" I yelled. "When were you planning to tell me? Your sister?" I asked, a little calmer. "Your not my sister." She said. "What on earth are you talking about?" I asked.

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