I'm In Love With You And All Your Little Things

So just a warning, I'm really into vampires.
Emily and Vivian are twins and just turned 19. There parents left on a cruise the day after there birthday. They get tickets and backstage passes to the upcoming One Direction concert in Arizona. They meet they boys and for Liam and Emily it's love at first site. Vivian falls head over heels for Zayn. :)


8. He kissed me

Louis' POV

I can't help but feel Liam has a thing for Em, like a crush. He better not. Her ex-boyfriend was an idiot. Seriously, he walked all over her like she was trash and didn't listen to her. I know Liam's not like that, but still. When we got to her house yesterday she told me they broke up about a month ago. "Let's get some food!" Niall yelled as we pulled up to Nando's. That boy is always hungry, ALWAYS. 

Niall's POV

"Let's get some food!" Yelled when we pulled up. I was hungry, I hadn't eaten for like five hours. I knew I wasn't ther only hungry one becuase when we got there Emily ran in like she was starving to death. We all ran in and ordered. When we got our food we sat at a table and ate. When we were done we got back in her van and left for her house. The ride back was fun, she has no back seats. Just the two in the front. Emilt drove and Liam sat up there with her talking. When we got back to the house we decided to watch a movie Emily through Toy Story at Liam and he said to her "I thought you didn't own this." Smiling she said back "I was lying, this is my favorite movie." She put it in and we watched all three. After the movies I felt like I never wanted to see again. 

Zayn's POV

We watched Toy Story then the door bell rang. Emily got up to get it, after a few minutes we heard her shouting. "NO, AUSTIN! GO AWAY AND NEVER COME TO MY HOUSE AGAIN!" Louis got up and we heard him yell to that Austin kid "LEAVE HER ALONE! SHE DOESN'T LOVE YOU! NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL! SO LEAVE OR I WILL CALL THE POLICE!" We all got up to see Austen, I asume he's her ex. "Oooh. The big bad famous guy standing up for my beautiful darling. Shut up! I love her! She is my world." He said to Lou. Liam went over to him and punched him in the face, making his nose bleed. "She doesn't love you so I sugest you leave before I punch you again. Harder this time." He said. Dang, I didn't know he had it in him to punch a kid he just met and make him bleed. "I'm leaving, but I'll come back for you." he said. Emily kicked him in the kneecap and crashed to the ground then she slammed the door in his face. "Who was that?" Liam asked her. "My ex, I am going to kill him one day. I see him flirting with seven different girls a day the he runs to me saying he loves me. UGH. It is so annoying." We all walked in to the lounge, by now it's like 5:00PM. She goes into the kitchen to make dinner and we sit there skipping through the channels untill we find the X-Factor, it was old. We saw ourselves on there singing Viva La Vida. Emily runs in "This was my favorite One Direction performance on there." she almost screams. Then wispers "Sorry." and Louis says back to her "It's ok, as long as you aren't going to start going crazy over us." "Don't worry, I wont BooBear." She Calls to him walking into the kitchen. After about five minutes she calls Lou in to help her take a plate of tacos in. She has one too. Harry and Niall run over to them. "Tacos! My favorite food!" Haz yells. "Food! My favorite thing!" Niall yells. Emily, Liam, Louis, and I start laughing. After eating we decide to go to the movies. "We should watch a horror!" Emily sugests on the car ride over. Harry's driving her van with Lou in the front by him.

Emily's POV

This is going to be awesome I thought to my self before leaning up to Lou's ear. "Larry Stylinson." I wisper in his ear. He turns to face me and I hide behind Liam. "What?!" he yells and I giggle. "You heard me" I say laughing "LARRY STYLINSON!" I yell and all the boys, except Lou and Hazza, and I laugh. "No. Don't say that again." Lou says "What? Larry Stylinson?" I laughed and started chanting it. "You really are a Directioner, Aren't you?" Lou asks. "Yep, but not like Vivian. Did you see her walls? And bedspread? And the lipstick on every poster of Zayn in there?" I giggled. "What?" Zayn asked, "You beautiful sisters likes me?" He asked. "That is an understatement." I say to him. We got to the movies and I decided we watched Warm Bodies, the zombie one. When the boys asked what it was about and I simply replied with zombies. We saw Austin here and Lou got an idea. "We has to make him not like you anymore." He told me. "Ok. How?" I asked him. "You need a new boyfriend, to show him you moved on." "Who?" "Liam." He smiled. Liam looked over at me. Austin walked over to us. "Hello beautiful." He said to me. "Yes, she is beautiful. But, she's my beautiful." Liam said and kissed me. Liam Payne kissed me. He put his arms around my waist and I ran my fingers through his hair. I know it was fake but I loved it. "Get a room." Austin said and walked off. Liam didn't let me go and I didn't let him go. When  I did pull back I saw Louis smiling. We went in and watched the movie and I sat next to Liam. When the movie was over the boys told me they hated it and Liam turned to me. "I know I just met you, but, I have feelings for you, will you go out with me?" He asked. "Yes Liam, I will." I said and hugged him.

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