I'm In Love With You And All Your Little Things

So just a warning, I'm really into vampires.
Emily and Vivian are twins and just turned 19. There parents left on a cruise the day after there birthday. They get tickets and backstage passes to the upcoming One Direction concert in Arizona. They meet they boys and for Liam and Emily it's love at first site. Vivian falls head over heels for Zayn. :)


23. Alexis

Emily's POV

4 years later

Liam and I got married and adopted a little girl, vampires don't get pregnant. Her name is Alexis. She had midnight blue eyes and jet black hair. Lena married Hazza and they adopted a little boy with brown eyes and brown hair, his name is Alexander. Alexis and Alexander became best friends and were like siblings. As for the other boys, they got married and and had kids. We all still hung out and watched movies late into the night. I have no idea what happened to Vivian or were she ended up I just hope she has a good life.

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