The Loss of A Sister

I am Kenzie, I guess you could say I'm not your average teenage girl. I am an only child and do not spend much time with others. My daily routine is to go to school, come home sit in my rooms and spend time with myself. This is all until i moved in with Hadley. Hadley has been my best friend, my only friend since we were two. Hadley is the only person who knows about my crush on Jeffery Nicholson. In our freshman year of high school Hadley is diagnosed with a deadly disease and doesn't have much time to live. Hadley ends up passing away, and I don't know what to do with myself. So I start self harm, starving myself, being suicidal. I then start to get bullied and Jeffery turns out to be the only one there for me in the end. Will this get me into the relationship I've wanted since the sixth grade?


2. Friday Night

               Its Friday night and Hadley and I are so excited for our date with Jeffery tonight. We clean our room and then go downstairs for breakfast. While we are eating my dad comes downstairs to ask us if we wanted to go bowling tonight. I looked at Hadley who was already looking at me with a questioning look. Because of the way we were looking at each other my dad had assumed we already had plans, and told us we will go next weekend and to have fun tonight. I felt so bad not being able to spend time with my dad because its very rare where he has time to spend with me. When we were done eating we went upstairs and changed into our bathing suites to go swimming.

           Around one o'clock we came inside to shower up and get ready for tonight. Well Hadley was in the shower I sat by the window day dreaming about Jeffery. I thought to myself what it would be like if we were together, and if me and Hadley would ever drift apart if one of us started dating. When I finally come back to reality realizing that none of what I was telling myself was going to happen, I skimmed through my closet trying to find something to wear tonight. T-shirt, tank top, tank top, t-shirt..... all of my shirts were so plain and nothing worth wearing on a date. So I went over to Hadley's closet, only to find the same thing. As Hadley walks out of the bathroom and into our room, I look at her with a frown. She had realized that the clothes were all over the floor. "Hadley we need to go shopping and more exciting clothing." I stated looking at all the clothes scattered around the room. About an hour later we finally found something to wear, Hadley in a green ruffled tank top, white jean shorts, and an old pair of sandals. Myself in a red sequined one sleeve tee, ripped denim shorts, and a pair a jeweled sandals. We were so side tracked that when we heard the doorbell ring we had no clue it would be Jeffery.

           "Girls, someone is here to see you!" my mom shouted from the downstairs family room.

           " We will be right down!" Hadley said with a smile looking towards me. we ran down stairs in excitement, to see Jeffery standing in our kitchen with his hair freshly cut, wearing tan khaki shorts, a black Hollister tee, and a low pair of sneakers. Jeffery looked better than ever! Hadley nudged my shoulder pushing me towards him, forcing me to say hello. we all said hello, except Jeffery who stood there without a response starting back and forth at both of us. "Jeffery? Are you okay?" Hadley asked confused of why he wasn't responding.

         "oh, yes. Im sorry. Its just" he paused before finishing his sentence, "its just you girls look amazing tonight." I started to blush and Hadley noticed automatically because she started to chuckle. I pushed her, giving her a sign to shut-up. When we left Jeffery stood in between us on our way to the park. When we got to the park he hugged us both and thanked us for coming.

      Today was the last day of summer break, and it made my heart skip a beat knowing that I was spending it not only with my "sister" but my crush since the sixth grade, Jeffery Nicholson. At the end of the night Jeffery walked us hoem, and thanked us once again. "thank you both for coming tonight, I had a great time. And am glad that I was able to spend my last day of summer break with two beautiful girls like you." Jeffery looked at me and smiled, and as he did he turned around and started to head home.

     As Hadley and I walk inside, our parents start to ask us questions about our night. We look at each other, and dart upstairs ignoring their questions. " well we are glad you girls had a good time tonight." Hadley's mom exclaimed from the downstairs family room. Hadley and I are now both laying on our beds, shocked that we were just with Jeffery Nicholson the most popular kid in school. Hadley starts to laugh and I don't know why. I look at her with a questioning look.

    " Hadley, what are you laughing at??" I chirped, curious of what the reason for her random outburst of laughter was. Hadley started telling me about a fantasy I had back in seventh grade, that involved her, Jeffery and myself. it brought back so many memories, and then about an hour later we crashed.

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