The Loss of A Sister

I am Kenzie, I guess you could say I'm not your average teenage girl. I am an only child and do not spend much time with others. My daily routine is to go to school, come home sit in my rooms and spend time with myself. This is all until i moved in with Hadley. Hadley has been my best friend, my only friend since we were two. Hadley is the only person who knows about my crush on Jeffery Nicholson. In our freshman year of high school Hadley is diagnosed with a deadly disease and doesn't have much time to live. Hadley ends up passing away, and I don't know what to do with myself. So I start self harm, starving myself, being suicidal. I then start to get bullied and Jeffery turns out to be the only one there for me in the end. Will this get me into the relationship I've wanted since the sixth grade?


3. First Day of Highschool

               I woke up from a big bang coming from the hallway. I look over to see if Hadley had woken up to, but she wasn't there, It got me worried so I jumped out of bed and ran through our room, getting to the hallway as quick as possible. When I open the bedroom door, I see Hadley laying on the landing to the stairs. Scared to death I race down the stairs to make sure she is okay. I turn her head around, to find her with a broken nose and unconscious. My eyes start to fill with tears fearing the most as I run to our parents rooms telling them to come quick. When they reach Hadley she is still on the landing of the stairs but her face is now covered in blood from her broken nose.

             We call for an ambulance, and they arrive within 15 minutes. The whole neighbor hood is now surrounding our house, wondering what had happened

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