The Loss of A Sister

I am Kenzie, I guess you could say I'm not your average teenage girl. I am an only child and do not spend much time with others. My daily routine is to go to school, come home sit in my rooms and spend time with myself. This is all until i moved in with Hadley. Hadley has been my best friend, my only friend since we were two. Hadley is the only person who knows about my crush on Jeffery Nicholson. In our freshman year of high school Hadley is diagnosed with a deadly disease and doesn't have much time to live. Hadley ends up passing away, and I don't know what to do with myself. So I start self harm, starving myself, being suicidal. I then start to get bullied and Jeffery turns out to be the only one there for me in the end. Will this get me into the relationship I've wanted since the sixth grade?


1. 8th Grade Summer

        Hadley and I have been best friends since the age of two. We are always at each others houses and really only hangout with each other. My parents are going through a huge financial crisis and we have decided to move in with Hadley and her family. We now live on the same street as Jeffery, my crush since the 6th grade. Not only  is Jeffery 2 years older than me but is the most popular kid in all of Washington High. Jeffery noticed that I have moved in with Hadley and came over to welcome my family and I to the neighbor hood.

      While Hadley and i are sitting in our room talking. We hear someone outside.

      "Kenzie. Do you hear someone talking outside?" questioned Hadley "I think it might be our parents, but who would they be talking to like that?" I looked out the window to see who it is. Suddenly a silent scream came from me because of how shocked I was over who i saw.

     " Its......Its......" I stutter trying to tell Hadley who it when, when she rudely interrupts me.

  " Kenzie who is it?!" Hadley shouts, as she pushes her way to the window. "OH MY GOSH!! What is Jeffery Nicholson doing in out front yard?!"

    " I don't know.... what do we do" I ask confused. As Hadley tries to think of what to do, while I sit at the window dazing at Jeffery.

    "I got it!!" exclaims Hadley. " Lets go outside as if we don't know he is here and act surprised when we see him. As Hadley tries to drag me down the stairs, I try my hardest to give  reason not to see him.

     "Kenzie lets go! Why are you afraid to see him?" questions Hadley anxious to see him. I look at Hadley with an innocent look and right away Hadley knows that I don;t want to embarrass myrself in front of him. Hadley wishes there was a way to get medownstairs.After thirty minutes of trying to convince me to go outside, she finally gives up. We both stay in the room and start watching a movie. The suddenly we hear a knock at the  door.

     "Girls, are you in here?" asked Hadley's dad as he cracked the door open.

     " Yes dad. You can come in." Hadley said automatically. As her dad walks in Jeffery followed directly behind him. As soon as I saw Jeffery my face turned beat red.

    As Hadley's dad enters the room he happily says "Girls, this is Jeffery he lives a couple houses down. He just wanted to come and say hello."

    " Thank you Mr. Anderson." Jeffery says with a smile on his face. While I am hiding behind the pillow, Hadley introduces herself. Hadley then introduces me forcing me to come out and talk to Jeffery.

   " Hi Jeffery. How are you?" I asked with a soft whispering voice. We talk to Jeffery for about an hour before he gets a call from his dad saying he needs to come home for dinner.

  " Well girls its time for me to go. Thank you for letting me stop by, it was nice talking to you. Hope to see you when school starts." Jeffery says before walking out the door. Right as he reaches the bedroom door he turns around and asks us if we would like to go to the park Friday night. We both agree to the date, and Jeffery thanks our parents and walks back home.

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