Show me how to love(1D not famous)

Aly was used to being hurt.After her parents got divorced and she was left in the custody of her alcoholic mother,Aly has been living hell with her.She was often beaten by her mother,arriving with bruises at school.At school,she was bullied,which only added to her emotional and physical wounds.Over the years,Aly has lost the ability to love or trust anyone,except for her best friend Jennifer.That's until a special someone strides into her life,turning her world upside down.Will he show her how to love,or hurt her even more?


1. Prolouge

                                 My name's Aly.Aly Hudson.I'm 18 years old,almost 19.I'm kinda in the short category.I'm 5"2.I have brunette hair which I dipped-dyed blue.I also have blue/green eyes,and I have pale skin.Many people say i'm pretty,but I don't think i'm anything special.I only have one friend,Jennifer.She's tall,towering over me at 5"5.She has tan skin,blond hair,and crystal blue eyes.In my opinion she's much prettier than me,but she disagrees.You should also know my parents got divorced when I was 6,and i'm under the custody of the monster I have as a mother.I would have preffered to be with Dad,but the court decided i needed my mother with me.Yea right.See how well that turned out.My mom is constantly beating me when she is drunk,which is almost everyday,and when she is sober,she's wasting her money on beer.I show up at school with bruises on my face,arms,and legs.When teachers ask me what happened,I just tell them I got in a fight.I don't need any more problems or their pity.I'm known as the bad girl of my school for reasons unknown to me.Most of the rumors about me are stupid and fake.Some say i'm in a gang,other says I sell drugs,while others say that I am involved with a criminal.Ridiculous right?I'm aslo bullied by the snobby,stuck up,rich popular kids.Yippee,I love my life *note the sarcasm* Oh,and one last thing you should know.I can't love or trust anyone,except Jennifer.Over the years I have lost my ability to love or trust because everytime I do,tey end up stabbing me in the back.That is,until he showed up....                                                                      Hey guys.If you're reading this,I just want to thank you.So watcha think????Who do you think "he" is??Feedback?Well,that's it for now.I'll try and update again tonight.

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