Show me how to love(1D not famous)

Aly was used to being hurt.After her parents got divorced and she was left in the custody of her alcoholic mother,Aly has been living hell with her.She was often beaten by her mother,arriving with bruises at school.At school,she was bullied,which only added to her emotional and physical wounds.Over the years,Aly has lost the ability to love or trust anyone,except for her best friend Jennifer.That's until a special someone strides into her life,turning her world upside down.Will he show her how to love,or hurt her even more?


5. New Kids

      Aly's P.O.V    When we got to school,everyone was sorrounding someone or something I couldn't see,but I just shrugged it of."What is everyone sorrounding?" Jen asked."I don't know,and I don't care.Probably some new kid." I anwseres indifferently.Suddenly,the group opened and I saw what everyone had been sorrounding.I ws right,only it wasn't ONE someone,it was five someones,and those someones happened to be VERY hot.One had curly hair,green eyes,and 2 dimples when he smiled.He sent me a cheeky grin.I just rolled my eyes.The next one also had brown hair,and had eyes that were a kind of blue-green,as if they couldn't decide.He also seemed older than the others.The next one in line also had brown hair,ad had brown eyes.Next to him was a black haired boy,tanner than the rest.He had his dark hair in a quiff,and I had to say,he didn't look too shabby.But the boy next to me was the one that caught my attention.He had blonde hair which he also put in a quiff,and blue eyes,almost the exact same shade as Jen's,except his were lighter.I had to say,he was the one I found most attractive.Wait,back up Aly,you can't be falling for someone you don't even know and that would just end up hurting you,I mentally scolded myself."Wow,their hott" Jen whispered,and I giggled.The same thing I thought when I first saw them.They started coming our way.Oh great.The boys that must be the hottest boys in school are coming over our way,and i'll probably make a fool of myself.I thought.They stopped in front of us.They started speaking."Hi,i'm Harry,and you must be Beautiful" curly said with a smile.I rolled my eyes.Well,now I knew the flirt of the group."I'm Louis" the boy with blue-green eyes said."I'm Liam" brown hair/eyes said."I'm Zayn" the black-haired quiff boy said,"And i'm Niall" the blonde one said.I noticed that all of them had british accents except for Niall.He had what seemed like an Irish accent.Wow,that makes him even hotter.I thought.Wait,did I seriously just think that?!?! I thought to myself, alarmed.Liam's voice brought me back to reality."So what are your names?" he asked."My name's Jen"."Aly" I mumbled.Well,now they probably thought I was a gloomy freak,while Jen was the cheery, happy-go-lucky girl."Excuse my friend.she's a bit shy" Jen expained."It's okay,it's kinda cute" Harry responded with a smile.I just rolled my eyes.I just said,"Well,if you excuse me i'm going to get breakfast" with a louder voice."Can I come?" Jen asked."Sure" I responded with a mischevous grin."Under one condition.You give me a piggy back ride" I said."Ugh,fine.i'll do it" Jen responded."Yay!" I squealed.She just rolled her eyes."Can we also come?" Zayn asked."Please,i'm starving" Niall said with a puppy face.I giggled."Sure" I responded.Then I tured around and jumped on Jen's back."Go horsey,go!" I exclaimed.Jen jut sighed and started walking,with 5 giggling boys trailing behind us.                               Hey lovelies.So,as I promised,i'm posting 2 chapters up today,and thiz is one of them.Next chapter's is in Niall's P.O.V.Hope you enjoy!

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