Show me how to love(1D not famous)

Aly was used to being hurt.After her parents got divorced and she was left in the custody of her alcoholic mother,Aly has been living hell with her.She was often beaten by her mother,arriving with bruises at school.At school,she was bullied,which only added to her emotional and physical wounds.Over the years,Aly has lost the ability to love or trust anyone,except for her best friend Jennifer.That's until a special someone strides into her life,turning her world upside down.Will he show her how to love,or hurt her even more?


2. Daily Beatings

           Aly's P.O.V    "ALY,YOU WORTHLESS BITCH,DO SOMETHING USEFUL AND GET ME MORE BEER!!!!" the monster I called mother screamed.I closed my eyes and sighed.This was a typical day at home for me.My home was hell for me,even worse than school.I knew I had to get her her beer soon,but I didn't feel like getting up from my bed."DID YOU HEAR ME YOU WORTHLESS SLUT,OR DO I HAVE TO GO UP THERE?!?!?!?" I heard my mother scream."I'M COMING!!" I screamed back at her.Then I heard heavy footsteps on the staircase.I knew what it meant.Time for my beating.My mom entered my room right then."You do what I want you to do when I say it,got it?" my mom asked in a menancing voice.I just nodded my head.I knew if I said something,it would just be worse for me."Good,now it's time for your punishment" she said,with a smirk on her face.I just sighed.My mom then came over and punched me in the stomach.I tried hard not to wince."This is what you get for being such a bitch" my mom sneered while still punching,kicking,and slapping me.I do not know what i had done to get this.My parents got divorced when I was six years old.The beatings started when I was only 7 years old.That's when my mom started drinking more and more,and the beatings got worse.My mo was the total opposite of my dad.My dad was a sweetheart.He was caring,supportive,sweet,ect.I could just go on saying good things about him,and he never layed a finger on me.He tried hard to get my custody,but the court decided it was best for me to stay with my mother.Well,see how well that turned out?After an hour of my mom punching,kicking,and slapping me,she stopped."I took pity on you today,but next time I wont go that easy on you" she spat on my face."Hurry up and bring me my beer now,unless you want a second beating" she sneered at me.Then she left the room laughing.She was right,she had gone easy on me this time.I managed to get up with some difficulty and when to get her her beer.                             Heyyy dearies.To anyone that's reading this,here's the first chapter.The boys will appear in the 3 or 4 chapter.Hope you like it :3

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