Show me how to love(1D not famous)

Aly was used to being hurt.After her parents got divorced and she was left in the custody of her alcoholic mother,Aly has been living hell with her.She was often beaten by her mother,arriving with bruises at school.At school,she was bullied,which only added to her emotional and physical wounds.Over the years,Aly has lost the ability to love or trust anyone,except for her best friend Jennifer.That's until a special someone strides into her life,turning her world upside down.Will he show her how to love,or hurt her even more?


3. Best Friend

                                                                                                          Aly's P.O.V                                  I woke up to my alarm beeping loudly.I groaned and rolled over.My whole body was sore from the beating my mom gave me.Mom?Why do I still call her that?I thought to myself.As expected,bruises were all over my body.I silenced my alarm and got up  to take a shower.I winced when I felt the pain all over my body.I walked,more like limped towards my bathroom.Yes,I have my own bathroom in my room.I turned the hot water on and got into the shower,letting the wate flow down my body,refreshing my skin and relaxing my tense shoulders.I let the water run through my brunnete and blue hair.After my shower,I picked out my oufit for the day.I decided to wear my red skinny jeans,a shirt with the British flag on it,and my red hightop converse.I was happy with my outfit,and if other people didn't like it,too bad.It's my decision.I got dressed and tip-toed downstairs to see where my mom was.I saw her passed out on the couch with beer bottles sorrounding her and strewn acroos the room."You disgust me" I whispered to myself.I went back upstairs to add the final touches to my outfit.I decided to wear blue hoop earrings,a mustache neckclace,and my dark blue watch.I don't wear makeup cause I think it's a waste of time and money,but I don't care if other people wear it.It's their decision isn't it?I decided to text Jennifer,or Jen,my best AND only friend.      To Jen:):Hey girll,u ready yet?    I got a reply a few seconds later     From:Jen:):Yep,b there in 5???   I replied   To:Jen:):Yea,itz mom's passed out on the couch as usual   From:Jen:):kk,see u   She texted back.I got my black and white mustache bookbag and my skateboard.In exactly 5 minutes,Jen showed up."Is your mom there?" she whispered.I nodded and said "Yea,but she's passed out on the couch.She smiled."Great,you ready?"she asked."Yep,let's get going" I said.I walked out the door and locked the door.I then got on my skateboard,as did Jen."Well,let's get this show on the road" I exclaimed.Jen smiled,and we started skating towards school.Even though my life was miserable,it was better with Jen by my side.                     Hey my dearies.How do you like the chapter?I'm honestly not very happy with this's just a filler,I promise.The boy's may appear in the next chapter. I'm sorry I haven't updated much,I have been busy.Please forgive me.Well,i'll try to update more this week.                                             

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