Show me how to love(1D not famous)

Aly was used to being hurt.After her parents got divorced and she was left in the custody of her alcoholic mother,Aly has been living hell with her.She was often beaten by her mother,arriving with bruises at school.At school,she was bullied,which only added to her emotional and physical wounds.Over the years,Aly has lost the ability to love or trust anyone,except for her best friend Jennifer.That's until a special someone strides into her life,turning her world upside down.Will he show her how to love,or hurt her even more?


4. A/N

           Sorry to anyone that thought this was a chapter,but I have a question.It may sound stupid but I really need to know.How do you put a cover on theMovella???I've been trying for days and it the cover I had jst made doesn't save on the Movella!What do I have to do?Can someone please tell me??Sorry again for the stupid question.Also,i'm going to try to publish two chapters today to mke up for not updating.

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