Saved With Love (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This is a story about a girl saving Harry Styles and them falling in love. Theres a lot of drama and love, so read on (:


1. Saving Harry

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, I have to do this no matter what could happen."

*10 minutes earlier*

"Local news reporter Kate Green with you. Our top headline; a girl is deciding to jump out of a helecopter to save... Harry Styles! The rumor is that Harry fell down the grassy side of the mountian and is laying unconscious on a ledge. Police and firefighters say that the only way to get there is to jump out of a helecopter, because the hill is way to steep for anyone to climb down. So, a girl volunteered to jump down from a helecopter and save him. The girl was identified at Cailin Breen. Keep tuned in with The Coast News for updates on the story."

*Now* *Cailins P.O.V*

Was I really going to do this? Yes, maybe he'll love me back now. "Miss its time to jump." My thoughts were interupted by the pilot. "Oh, yeah, I know." Oh my god I'm really doing this. "3...2...1." I heard the pilot say. I jumped. I forgot everything, and jumped from the plane. I looked around, the ground coming closer to me. I made the parachute come out. I saw Harry's still unconscious body on the ledge. What if there was blood? What if I didnt make it in time? I got very nervous as i neared and neared the ledge. It seemed like hours before I got there. When i got there I saw Harrys unconscious still body laying there. "Harry, come on, say something or do something to let me know you're okay." I whispered loud enough for him to hear. I heard him moan. At least it was something. "Cailin we are sending the gurney down now." I heard the pilot yell down from the helecopter. I saw a gurney for Harry come down and a ladder for me to climb back up to the helecopter. I used all my strength to push Harry onto the gurney and strap him in. The helpers on the helecopter pulled Harry up as i started to climb the ladder. Once me and Harry were in, the helecopter took off.

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