Collin Middle

As Aubre Jenson returns to her old school, she realizes that in one week everything an chance. Everyone at Collin Middle is dead! Even her two bestfriends. Casie and Derck have gone from totally alive to totally dead. Just as she figures out what happened to all of her classmates, she makes a shocking discovery. Is everyone really gone or are they just messing around with her.


1. Prologue

"Look at him, Casie!! He is so gorgeous. How could I ever leave him?" I said as we walked pass. Derck Lonm.
"I have no idea.. Why dont you just tell him you like him?" she said. "I mean y'all are basically meant to be together." I give her the how dare you look. But I don't mean it in a bad way, I think we are meant to be together too, but we are best friends and what if he doesn't feel the same? I am stuck looking stupid. "Sorry I even asked," she said with an annoyed voice.
"Wait up!!" Derck yells. "Were you just going to leave without telling me goodbye?" today is my last day at Collin Middle. My dad got a a new job all the way in Tennesee.
"Of course not!" I say holding back tears.
"Don't cry! You can always video chat us! Hey, maybe your dad won't like the job and y'all will move back."
Casie all ways tried to make things better. "Group hug!!!" Derck yells. As I am squashed in between Justin Bieber perfume and men deodorant, the dismissal bell rings. Today is my last day as a seventh grader at Collin middle in Los Angles, California.
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