Love in the Snow (Lilly's P.O.V)

Lilly Williamson is a very beautiful girl who loves winter and snow. Her new neighbor, Luke is very charming too. After spending just about three days together, Lilly and Luke start to get some strange feelings, and it turns out - the're in love.
Snow was always something special to them, because they found love where and when there was snow. =)

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


6. The Visit

Luke opened the door, it wasn't locked and he held his other hand signaling me to enter.

"thank you." I whispered. he lead the way to his sisters' room. His house was very lovely . He knocked their door and got in.

"psst, hey Em, Lu wake up you lazy girls." Luke started whispering.

"What?!" his teen sister said.

"I have a guest here, who would like to meet you, again." The younger girl opened her eyes and saw me.

"wake up Em, it's Lilly!" she turned to her. Then she burst he arms open waiting for me to give her a hug. I was a bit shocked to be honest, could she remember me just because we played together yesterday? I took several steps towards her and gave her an enormous hug. Her older sister was now opening her eyes

"It's my friend Lilly, Em." Luke said trying to get her attention. I felt a bit guilty for waking her up, she sounded still sleepy.

"Oh, it's OK if she wants to get some more sleep." I said, "I just thought we'd wake them up so they can start making snowmen, like we did ... OK, goodbye girls." I said.

"Umm, OK" Luke said. He sounded a bit bothered by his teenager sister's behavior, but she didn't do a vey bad thing to ignore me, I wasn't upset by her. Luke kissed his sisters, "once you're fully waken up, get dressed well and join us. We'll be waiting for you" he said, and we left. There was a pause after we left Luke's house and then Luke broke it, "I'm sorry for what Em did she-" he started saying but I shut him up, he shouldn't be!

"No!" I almost shouted, "I'm the one who's sorry for waking them up"

"Oh shut up" 

Luke put his hand into mine again and we were now moving towards my house, it didn't take us a lot, because the two houses are so close, we counted our steps, and we where there, I opened the door without knocking. Kim clearly wasn't awake, we got to her room, I didn't knock this door either and instead crashed in,

"wake up you silly ass." I screamed and jumped at her bed then hugged her.

"WHAT?!" she opened her eyes and saw me then Luke,

"Hullo" He said. still by the door.

"Hii" Kim started.

"ughhh, morning breath! you smell terribly!" I said trying to embarrass her. we both just loved doing this, she then gave me a look, mission completed, she was embarrassed, I got up "well, I just thought I'd wake you up, and here you are, get dressed and come help us building the biggest snowman ever!" I said and put my hand in Luke's arm, Luke said goodbye to Kim and then we both were out, "did you see her face?!" I said laughing so hard. 

"you're a bad girl!" Luke said sarcastically, we went to the land, Mr Collins was there, he already built his snowman and was building the other one when we saw him

"oh here you two are! come and help me" he said, we both started helping him. Many people came and helped us too, Kim was one of them, even Luke's sisters were. Luke didn't talk to his sister today, I hope I wasn't the reason. Now the whole neighborhood was up. Not everybody came however, some of them were cold and didn't want to go out now. After hours of hard work the snowman was finally done.

"it's perfect!" I said and wiped an imaginary tear, If you want the the truth, it really was perfect, it was huge, very and its carrot was from the Collins' house. Luke and I put the carrot , I was so proud of it. It was getting dark now and I was starving. I had to go home, but I didn't want to leave Luke! I don't know why, I just got that feeling. So I discovered what I should do..

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