Love in the Snow (Lilly's P.O.V)

Lilly Williamson is a very beautiful girl who loves winter and snow. Her new neighbor, Luke is very charming too. After spending just about three days together, Lilly and Luke start to get some strange feelings, and it turns out - the're in love.
Snow was always something special to them, because they found love where and when there was snow. =)

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


2. The New Neighbor

I woke up at ten, I was very sleepy, but I didn't want to sleep. I got up, went to the living room and looked from the window - everything was white! I loved this view so very much, more than anything. More than a million Summer, Spring or Autumn. 
Big white soft sparkles were drifting down, falling soundlessly. I looked at my right and there my father was, watching the snow as it falls and gets blown by the cold air. 
He was smiling. Probably the only time in winter he does. "And now you suddenly like winter!" I told him,

"I dislike rain and thunder, I never said I disliked snow too" He replied, we both laughed, but then as I was watching these sparkles falling down gently, I started getting excited,

"I wanna go out and play with snow" I announced,

"Wait until it stops snowing" dad said. This was my father's usual line, I was going to do this as I always do, but I realized that it's worth walking in the - snow, at least once!

"No, I'd like to try it this way once" I said.

I started hurrying to my room like a bullet, I wore a thick shirt, a sweater and then I wore two jackets, two pants and two pairs of socks, I put my feet in two sandwich plastic bags and tightened them with two rubbers. This way snow or water can't get  to my feet. I got my longest boots, scarlet gloves that my friend Tina brought me for my last birthday, I covered my mouth and nose with a scarf and finally I covered my butt-long blond hair with a scarlet hat that matched my gloves, put my hair over my shoulders and went out. 
Our house isn't that small, it's two-floored, and has a big garden, I love it. I opened the gate, the garden was full of snow, our fountain had some water in it, so it wasn't fully covered with snow. If it got like very colder this night it may turn into ice. As I opened the gates I realized that the wind was too strong it almost knocked me down or blown me back inside. But I was holding to the gate tight and got myself balanced. There's a big land that hasn't any buildings in it, in front of our house. When it snows my family, neighbors and I sit there and start having snow fights, we make snowmen and we even just sit there in a circle and start talking; telling stories, laughing and sometimes we even dance. The music comes from our home for it's the nearest house to it - second nearest, for there's a house next to it that no one lived in - but not anymore, because a couple of days ago a family bought it. So when want to dance mum turns the radio on, gets the volume to its loudest limit and we start the party.
This time however I was alone, it wasn't that fun playing alone,that's why no one ever played alone. We never get old to stop playing with snow. I suddenly think, KIm. Why haven't I waken her up? I totally forgot all about it. Kim was still sleeping then, but it's okay, she'll wake up at about half past ten, she always does. I was now in that land that was in front of our house, I was starting to get a bit bored, so I started to go back home, well, maybe dad was right after all. Nobody likes playing with snow while it's still falling down. I think, but I stopped when I heard a call, "Hey!" I looked around, it was a boy. He was obviously older than me by two years or so, he was well muscled and very, very handsome! His eyes' colour was clear from my position even that I wasn't that close to him, light bright shining blue, just like the sky and if possible - better and more blue! His hair was black, at least it seemed so according to his black eyebrows, for it was almost fully covered by a hat, his coat was blue and it suited him very well. I never saw this guy, but I guess I knew who he was, "Oh hello, you the new neighbor, now aren't you?" he probably lived in this house that was the closest to this land I'm in. When I asked dad about the family that finally lived here he said that it was a four members' family, this guy was apparently the oldest, and he had two young sisters, one a child and the other a teenager, his father didn't live with them, he was probably divorced from his mother or something.

"Yes, I'm Luke" I noticed a what-sounded-like an Australian accent in his words. He was moving towards me, so I started moving towards him too. When we finally were close enough he held his hand wanting and waiting for me to shake it, I raised mine, put it into his and we started shaking our hands, smiling. His hands were so strong, but in an good way, I don't know how. "I'm Lilliana, but you can call me Lilly, everybody does that" I said still smiling, our hands then separated and there was an awkward pause until I invited him to sit down, we sat together and started talking, his voice was deep, but in an attractive way.

"So, you live here?" he said pointing at my house, yup it diffidently is an Australian accent , I thought,

"Yeah" I said, "so where do you come from?" I asked trying to start a conversation,

"Australia, it never snows there, you know?" he answered,

"Oh that's a pity. Is it the first time for you to see snow?" I asked,

"I saw it many times on tv and stuff, but I've never seen it in reality. It's much better this way, however" He replied,

"Lilly! Why haven't you waken me up!" Kim yelled at me from the living room's window. Perfect timing Kim, thank you very much. Luke started laughing, and I couldn't help it but laugh too.

"Well, I thought you'd be up in about ten minutes like you usually do" I called back , "That's my sister, Kim" I added to Luke. 
Kim's my twin sister, but she doesn't look that much like me, she's a bit shorter, she has short brown hair and greenish-brown beautiful eyes. I love her, but we usually get ourselves embarrassed when we're together, not that I care or get mad at her, I have the best times of my life with her!

"Who's that your with, Lills" Kim finally started embarrassing me officially,

"I'm your new neighbor, Luke" Luke introduced himself before I did,

"Oh my god! Is he Australian?! I'll be here in a minute" Kim said, Kim loved the Australian accent very much. Luke and I started laughing even harder when she said that, and Kim then disappeared - probably to get dressed.

"Yup, that's my sissie" I said turning to Luke, "You'll like her she's so much fun." I said smiling. Luke nodded and then I said, "you'll enjoy snow a lot in here. We first have snow fights, we then make snowmen and then we all sit down on the snow and just talk - just like now. Just wait until everybody joins us." After I finished talking, Kim was there,

"Brrrrr, I'm freezing, aren't you guys!" Kim started,

"nope," answered Luke, "we're both dressed well" he continued,

"Oh, well then. I'm Kim" Kim introduced herself not knowing that I've already done her job,

"Oh hello Kim. I'm Luke - your new neighbor" Luke said as if he didn't already know her.  And they shook hands like we did. 

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