Love in the Snow (Lilly's P.O.V)

Lilly Williamson is a very beautiful girl who loves winter and snow. Her new neighbor, Luke is very charming too. After spending just about three days together, Lilly and Luke start to get some strange feelings, and it turns out - the're in love.
Snow was always something special to them, because they found love where and when there was snow. =)

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


7. The Invitatinon

"Would you like to join me for lunch?" I asked Luke, not knowing where I got the courage from.
"umm, I don't know-" why did I ask him such a thing. Of course he wouldn't come! We're like strangers to him and .. I don't know. "wow, yes I'd love to"  did he actually say yes?! I thought. 
"Do you like Chinese food?" I asked him. 
"a lot" he answered. 
"perfect." I said, and we went to my house, "Mom, I got you a guest!" I said out loud as I entered the house, mum got only her head out of the kitchen.

"Oh hi, Luke!" she said, "Oh Lilly, you got us the most handsome neighbor as a guest!" mum said, apparently trying to make me feel embarrassed, 

"Mum!" I said, Luke and mum started laughing. Dad was still out with mr Collins, they were still admiring our group work, Kim was watching TV.
"Act like it's your home, alright?" I told Luke, he nodded and went to the living room and then I followed him, 

"So, here's where you do almost everything, right?" He asked, grabbing my Hunger Games book from the mantelpiece,

"mhmm " I said, "Can you play the piano? mum said the lunch'll be ready in a minute, now I know you're starving but-" 

"just a little bit, I mean I can't call myself a pianist. And I'm not that hungry. Let's try playing it together" Luke interrupted me, 

"Okay!" I said, "what would you like to play?" we both sat on the piano's chair, 

"anything you like" said Luke, 

"I'll just go to my room now. If you guys want anything just tell me." Kim suddenly said and she was out. Did she leave on porpuse just us to let us be alone? I thought, Anyway 

"So," I turned to Luke, I started hitting some keys and playing some music, he must have known this song because he joined me, it was amazing! I never played he piano with anyone, Kim doesn't play it and my parents rarely touch it, they know, however very well how to play it. I never wanted the song to end, the melody was so perfect, the way his fingers moved just in time with mine, the strange sensation this whole situation gave me, was very great that I never wanted it to end, but sadly it did. When it was ended, we both looked at each other smiling, but my mother interrupted our eyes conversation by calling us for lunch;

"I'm so sorry it took me so much time but KIM DIDN'T HELP ME" she said aloud, apparently Kim and mum were fighting and this was mum's favorite way to get her revenge. Kim came right after she heard her name and so did my dad. The food was delicious, Luke looked happy and was doing great with my family, but when we finished eating he said,

"Oh look at the time, it's too late"

"It's only ten, Luke" I said, not wanting him to leave, 

"I usually go home at six, so .. I had so much fun, and the food was perfect, thank you all, really, but I really have to go now." I didn't want him to get upset so I let him do whatever he wanted, 

"I'll lead you to the door" I said, and so i did. We then stood by the door, I went out with him and closed the door. 

"I really had so much fun with you today, Lilly" Luke said again, 

"I really did too" I said, he looked into my eyes and I looked into his, two voices were fighting in my head, one was saying that he was just a friend to me and the other said that he was more, so before even thinking about it I flew my arms around his shoulders -that were very longer than mine, put my head on his shoulder and we stayed like this for a while, then Luke suddenly said

"give me your number" and so I did, "bye" he added, 

"bye" I said, "Oh and say sorry to Em" I remembered, Luke nodded and was off. I got in and closed the door, ahhh what a day! 

I started reading until I got bored, I looked from the window and there he was, sitting on a sofa that was facing me, I waved him and he gave me a signal in his hand that meant either; check your phone, or call me. Then my phone rang, and I freaked out to answer it very fast because everyone was asleep now. I got a chair and sat by the window, now we both could see each other as well as hear each other.

"Hey!" he said in a hushed voice, apparently his family too were asleep and he was the only one awake, 
"hello" I said, "why are you still up?" I asked, 

"I couldn't sleep, I was - thinking", I must hate myself for this question but let's give it a try I thought, 

"Of what?" there was a pause and then Luke finally said, 

"Of  whom, actually. of ... of you" WHAT?! I felt my heart beating very strongly and I had butterflies in my stomach, but I couldn't find anything to say, 

"wow" I finally found my voice, "I - actually I was thinking of you too, I - I do it most of the time you know?" I said honestly, Luke changed the way he was sitting, he looked interested and said, 

"Oh, really?" 

"mhmm" I breathed, "so what happened with Em and you? Are you two cool?" I asked, 

"Not much, we're okay, you know. Mum was a bit nervous that I was home late. She gets nervous and scared easily , and especially because I now am the only man in the family. See after my father passed away - I was responsible for them and it's kinda hard, to be honest. That's why we moved out you know? So we can start a whole new life." I was shocked, I couldn't say a word! Death?! No one told me about such thing, "What?" Luke replied to my silence, "didn't you know it. I'm sorry to bother you then, I dunno why I'm telling you this, I just sometimes feel that I can tell you anything I want" I had to speak now, 

"No, it's nothing. I just didn't - I'm sorry. Oh Luky, I must have destroyed everything then!" Luke started disagreeing with me, 

"No,no Lilly. You actually made everything better! Lilly I - I dunno how to tell you this,'

"don't!" I said, you're just overemotional and distracted now and you'll regret it later. Now tell me, can you meet me again tomorrow at ten?" I continued trying to change the subject end this conversation, although I didn't want to. 

"Yes!" Ye said, 


"So it's a date" he said, 

"it's a date" I echoed smiling, "Now I really have to go and sleep, goodnight" I said, 

"Night," he whispered and so I was off to my room. Oh my God this wasn't actually happening now, was it?! I tried to get some sleep and luckily I did, I couldn't wait for tomorrow's date however.

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