Love in the Snow (Lilly's P.O.V)

Lilly Williamson is a very beautiful girl who loves winter and snow. Her new neighbor, Luke is very charming too. After spending just about three days together, Lilly and Luke start to get some strange feelings, and it turns out - the're in love.
Snow was always something special to them, because they found love where and when there was snow. =)

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


15. The Future

Okay guys so .. This is the last chapter and ... well tell me about your opinion in this story and if I should write more,, and umm .. check out Luke's P.O.V if you want. Here's the link


Staying with Luke was perfect! Especially that my family's house was literally twenty foot far. his family was great. Each one of them accepted me really well and I loved them a lot. Em, Lu, Kim and I always played together, even Luke and their mother joined us sometimes, they were all just like a second family to me. Kim never stopped visiting us, even that I also visited them back too. She literally lived with us, but Luke's family hadn't a problem with this. Sometimes even Ginny and Tina visited us. 

It all has been like this for like two years or so. It's winter now and it's been raining a lot lately, and while I was sitting by the fireplace with Lu, Em and Kimmy (Oh and Whiskers, the cat Luke got me last year for my birthday. She had too many whiskers and that's why we called her so.) reading, there was total silence. 

"Did you hear that?" I asked. 

"I know!!" Kim said excitedly. She knew what I was talking about. 

"What?" Said both Lu and Em in union. "We can hear absolutely nothing" Em added.

"Exactly! " I said. Then realized that I sounded so much like my mother. It's stopped raining which means ... We all took a glance at the window. 

"It's snowing!" we all said and started jumping happily.It didn't snow the previews year. I looked at my family's house and I found my mother jumping too. We started smiling at each other and I blew her a kiss. I went next to my and Luke's room and without knocking I got in. 

"Guess what?!" I asked.

"What?" he said.

"It's snowing!" I sang smiling. He smiled too and both of us knew why. Tomorrow is our meeting anniversary and it was snowing so it would be just like the day we met. Luke stood up and gave me a squeezing hug, a kiss on my cheek and whispered in my ear.

"happy anniversary"

"Not until tomorrow." I said and winked him and got out of the room. 

"Well I guess I'm leaving now, I'm getting sleepy. Plus I want to celebrate with my family."  Kim said. 

"Alright. Goodbye - say goodnight to mum and dad for me." I told her. She said that she will , hugged us all and left. 

"I think it's time for us too to go to bed, girls." They agreed so we all just went to bed. 

"Luke, aren't you gonna sleep baby?" I asked him. He was doing something on his laptop, he turned it off and went to bed. 



"Good morning,beautiful." I heard Luke's whisper. "Wake up and look from the window, everything's white." 

I couldn't  just ignore snow, I woke up, stood up and there it was - snow, covering the whole area! Oh how I love it!

Everybody was asleep, so I went to the kitchen, made two cups of hot chocolate and brought two cookies. By the time I finished doing this everyone was up. Luke was whispering things to them, but then he whispered to me,

"See ya in our secret place." And he went out giving me a wink, wearing his same blue coat that suited him. Carrying a tray and wearing my scarlet coat and hat and by the time I was there and we had half of our hot chocolate and cookies Luke suddenly stood on top of the rock and ordered me to stand by him. He got me blind folded with his scarf and the next thing I saw was almost the whole neighborhood including my family and Luke's ( I think also Ginny and Tina were there too). I couldn't make sure cause then I saw that Luke was sitting on his knee, saying these words and leaving me to have the most beautiful feelings and moments, I was really surprised;

"umm, Lill - wow that's hard." he started. Everybody laughed. He took a deep breath and started again. "Ok. My beautiful, gorgeous Lill. I passed many problems in my life and you were the only one who could truly help me with them. After my father passed away, you were the best shoulder for me to cry on, and your hand was the hand that always got me to stand up. You were my hope, my love and you always are and you always will be. Lill, from the day I saw you reading by the fireplace and drinking ... apparently hot chocolate, I knew you were the one for me. And from the day that we talked, I knew you were the one and here I am, sitting on my knee here in front of you and all of these people, in the same place we hid the first day we met, asking for your beautiful hand, and wishing for you to be mine." 

This was so romantic, my heart was beating extremely fast that I almost had a heart attack, my eyes were full of joy tears. YES, YES were all the words I wanted to say right here, right now and in front of everyone! Luke's mum gave him a small box, I almost passed out. 

"I love you Lilliana Williamson. Would you marry me?" Luke was very nervous, he opened the box and there was the greatest and most beautiful ring I ever saw. I started nodding saying, 

"YES, YES, YES!! " while crying, he put a ring in my finger, gave me a huge hug and a kiss and after a couple of months when it snowed again we had our wedding. It was perfect!

Of course it was after lots of preparations; picking a dress, Luke picking a suit, picking the flowers and the cake, picking wedding cards and everything. I woke up that day having a very strange but great feeling. "Today's my wedding day" was the first word I said to myself. I was sleeping in my family's house, in my old bed with Kim and mum. I woke up and so did Kim, my parents. Kimmy, Ginny, Twinny (Tina), Em and Lu were my bridesmaids. They took me to the saloon, helped me wearing the dress, and helped me a lot during the wedding. After I got dressed, I looked in the mirror, my blond hair was over my shoulders because whatever I did with it, it kept on being that long. My white loose-from-the-waist and puffy from under dress was as amazing as I always wanted it to be. It was very long from the back, and strapless, but I wasn't cold, it was so warm from the inside, and besides I still got to put on a shawl.

My mum started crying when she was me, she too helped me with my dressing. After lots of crying she kissed my forehead, 

"mom, please stop it you're making me cry - stop crying." The girls swept my tears with a tissue and then brought me my flowers and I went to dad, his reaction was silence and then.

"I'm so proud to raise a daughter like you in her beauty and her personality." then he too kissed my forehead.

The wedding was both indoors and outdoors, first -when Luke and I met, took pictures, danced the first dance and exchanged rings- it was outdoors, but then everything was indoors, in a beautiful huge place. Then it all was finished and Luke and I went to our home. It wasn't actually far from my and Luke'f families' houses and it was great! 

It had a big backyard so whenever it snowed we could play there.

After we got married we still visited our families a lot, we just couldn't stop loving them. But that was after our honeymoon; we went to France and Italy, it was tremendous! 

Everyday we loved each other more, it was just like magic!


And this my pretty daughter, Lia is how I met your daddy." I was telling my daughter Lia, for she is getting married in three days.

"And that's why you both love snow, carrots, hot chocolate and cookies that much." Says Lia. I nod. "Awwwh! Mum, I wish my love and marriage story was like yours. I mean Dan and I met in the flowers shop-" 

"And that's not romantic?" I tell her. "Don't you both love flowers?" I ask.

"Yes, very much - Oh I see what you've done here." And she smiles. I kiss her forehead. 

"hey mum." she says after a pause. "Have you ever told this story to my siblings?" I smile and look at her. 

"Myself? No. You're father and I agreed that he should tell the boys and I should tell the girls, and since you're my first daughter to get married, no. It's better this way, you can understand me more than your brothers do and your brothers can understand your father more than you do, right?" 

"Yeah. It's better this way." She says and smiles. Someone knocks the door.

"mum, haven't you finished your 'very private conversation' with Lia yet? I'm starving!" Says Lola. 

"Yes mum, so am I" agrees Layla. 

"Yup. Here I come angels, just a minute."  I answer them. They say ok and leave. 

"So sweetie," I finally say to Lia. "Always remember your own love story, and always try to make it a re-birthday with Dan, the guy that you love. And well, may your days be as beautiful and shiny as snow - or actually in your case, as refreshing and fragrant as a flower." I say.

"I love you mum." Lia shed as we both shed a tear. 

"I love you too, darling." I say and we hug and then go to meet the others, with red noses. 

I'm very happy for Lia. I'm just getting a little feeling that I'm losing her but, well that's the circle of life. That's how it happens; that's how it starts, and that's how it ends. And that's how life - goes on.








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