Love in the Snow (Lilly's P.O.V)

Lilly Williamson is a very beautiful girl who loves winter and snow. Her new neighbor, Luke is very charming too. After spending just about three days together, Lilly and Luke start to get some strange feelings, and it turns out - the're in love.
Snow was always something special to them, because they found love where and when there was snow. =)

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


12. The Cards

I was a bit surprised, what could it be? Could it possibly be a birthday card? I never get birthday cards. I took it and examined it closely, it was a card. I opened it and read, 
"I couldn't make it to your house, so I thought I'd bring you your present, but you can't find it easily, you'll have to look for it yourself. 
There are seven hidden cards in your house, each card will order you to do something, you'll have to do what it says so you can find the other cards. Once you've found the last one, read the first word of each card, follow what it says and you'll find your real present. It's not much, but it's all I could give you, I hope you like it. 
PS: make sure you solve the puzzle of the "orders" after finding all of the cards and doing what they tell you and don't try to solve it before that, it would destroy your present. 
Love you.

*Card number.1
PUT on the best winter dress you have, but make sure it's warm, otherwise you'll be freezing. When you do this you'll find the second card."

wow, I thought, that's really gonna be a fun present.
"What is it?" my father asked me, 
"It's a birthday card" I answered, "and a fun one too. I wonder who sent this - look" I showed it to dad, he was impressed, but he couldn't give me an answer, for there was no address. weird. 
I got really excited to know whoever sent this, and to find their present, so I went to my room and started looking for my red long-sleeved dress. It was short and it had two pockets, I loved it a lot, but because it was short and it was cold I had to wear it with some leggings, probably black. I went to my drawer and got some, wore them and then wore my dress. I then stood there just thinking, yeah? And now what? where could this card be? I put my hands in my pockets, I always did this, I knew it was a bad habit because then the pockets get wide and untidy, but it was a bad habit that I couldn't get rid of. This time, however it was very useful! As I put my hands in my pockets, I found in my right one a card, it was the second one. I smiled and opened it;

"*Card number.2
THIS time you have to put on some matching shoes." 

I went to my shoes' closet and got myself some matching ones. They were kinda like short boots but I just loved them. Plus, they were the only matching ones, the others were yellow, green, blue and stuff, I dunno where the rest of my shoes were, but that wasn't the right time for me to think about it. I started stuffing my foot in those shoes and they were in. I put on some red lipstick and some perfume and while I was walking I felt that there was something in my shoes, it bothered me a lot. So I picked my shoes off and - BINGO! It was the third card, I started reading it orally. 

"*Card number.3
CARD number 3 says: Go to the kitchen, make two drinks of hot chocolate and take two cookies and put them together, (You're gonna need them later)"

It said, "Oh really? Why two? Anyway." I though. I went to the kitchen and put two table spoons of milk, half a tea spoon of sugar and while I was putting the chocolate powder I found another card! I smiled to myself, got it out and then I got two cookies from the cupboard and put them together on a tray, and because I would need them later, I put two little plates on top of the mugs so they won't get cold. When I finished doing all of this I started reading the card. 

"*card number.4 
DOWN, down. let every curtain in your house get down (close 'em all)"

it said.Okay, that's getting scary! What if it was a murderer who was trying to kill me? Meh, at least I'll be dead in the same day of my birthday. I never found the idea of death that frightning anyway. I closed the curtain of the kitchen, then I started heading to every room in the house; I first went to Kim's room, then mine, then the quests'. the dining, my parents'  and I started closing the curtains of these rooms. And now to the living room. I thought. I started heading to the living room and mum gave me a strange look as I did, a look that hid the thought, "why the hack is she doing this?" but she didn't ask, so I continued my mission silently. 
Before closing the curtains I gave a glimpse at his house and of course you know who I'm talking about, even that it made me a bit sad, it made me a bit happy too and - it gave me hope. After drawing the curtains something fell on the floor, I didn't have to guess, it obviously was an another card. I got it up and read, 

"*Card number.5
AND now turn to your left. Near the TV you'll find a bouquet of flowers, it's yours. I hope they're your favorite. 

PS: maybe you should try talking to the flowers the flowers, because I know they want to tell you something  ;)"

Oh, okay then. I turned to my left and really found some flowers. Amazing red roses, they are my favorite! oh my god, whoever wrote this must know my taste well; first the dress, then the shoes, also there's the hot chocolate and now these! I ran towards them, willing to get them and sniff them. They smelled perfect. "I know they want to tell you something"  I reread the post script in my mind.of course! I thought. The sixth card must be there! I started looking for it, searching between the petals and the flowers and then there it was, tiny this time but readable. 

"*Card number.6

KISS your mother on the cheek without telling her why, once you do so you'll find the seventh and last card." 

I read. actually laughed when I read this, could it be mom? Naah. She then was in the kitchen, so I went there and gave her a great kiss on her thin cheek, she wasn't pretty surprised, I usually give her kisses and hugs and it wasn't a very strange thing of me to do. Then I noticed something - 
"Oh my-! mum you've got a paper in your hair. Here, lemme get it out for you." I said, once I got it out, mum thanked me and then- 

"That's kinda a big one, how the hack did it get into my hair?" She asked, puzzled. 

what? I was thinking, in her hair? How did whoever did this put this card in mum's hair. If it was mum, why hasn't she confessed now? It isn't her, right? I was getting really confused, but I opened the card. It was small, just like the flowers', so it can fit in mum's hair. I thought, I read out, 


"*Card number.7


You're almost there, beautiful. 

Now follow these steps to find your present; 

1) Go to the kitchen and take the two drinks and cookies." 


I read one step each time and did what it said. I went to the kitchen and got 'em. I had the tray in my hands so I continued reading; 


"2) get out of the house." 


And so I did -I still had the tray in my hands bu it was ok, I always got my father coffee in his bed and I was used to hold the tray in one hand and get balanced on one leg- I opened the card and read;


"3) And now take twenty huge steps forward.."


one, 2,3, I started counting ... twenty.


"Take twelve huge steps to your left..." 


And so I did. 


"Now look at your right, you'll find a huge rock, go sit behind it .. and wait." 


Okay, this person knows my and Luke's secret place and that's not good! I thought. But I went there anyway and sat on the snowy ground, put the tray on the floor and waited. 

I didn't actually wait for a very long time because then... 


"AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I shouted, a figure came out of nowhere suddenly and scared me to death! I looked closely, for it was a bit dark. The only light that was, was the one coming from Luke's house behind me. I looked more closely... 

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