Love in the Snow (Lilly's P.O.V)

Lilly Williamson is a very beautiful girl who loves winter and snow. Her new neighbor, Luke is very charming too. After spending just about three days together, Lilly and Luke start to get some strange feelings, and it turns out - the're in love.
Snow was always something special to them, because they found love where and when there was snow. =)

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


11. The Birthday

I woke up the other day with a salty thing on my cheek, I must've been crying yesterday. I don't even want to know why I was crying, because if I did, I'll start crying again. I got myself out of bed, made a cup of Nescafe and got myself a biscuit. Yes, a biscuit not a cookie! I was heading to the living room, the curtain were open and I couldn't help it but take a look at his room. Nothing. He was either sill asleep, or trying to ignore me - forget me actually. But then suddenly there was a movement; he opened the curtains and I gasped. I hid and started watching him. He wasn't looking my way, he was looking at the sky and then I saw something, a suitcase! This meant one thing, he was packing and moving out, I shook my head violently, "No,no,no,no" I was muttering, they were leaving and if they did, I may forget and I don't want to forget. Well I won't but, it'd be easy for me to do and after thinking I always want to have this incomplete sad love story that I had, and this perfect love story that I almost had with this handsome Australian guy that was my neighbor. 
I closed the curtains and put on my coat, I wasn't heading to his place, I was heading to my car. I wanted to go to the supermarket and then to the cake shop, it would get my mind off these thoughts and besides, tomorrow was my birthday an I wanted to have a small party, alone. I just have to forget, because I don't want to destroy his plans. He finally took a step and I don't want him to make it fail again. As I turned around, I found my mother looking at me,
"SHIT!" I screamed, I was scared to death!
"Language! And good morning to you too" It was mum, 
"sorry, you scared me a lot. I wasn't expecting you to wake up till eleven or so since that what you've done the last two days," I said, 
"yeah, that won't last long. I was getting lazy the previews two days. So were are you going? Not to-?" she started, 
"No mum, not to Luke's" I finished her line, "I'm going to the supermarket and to some cake shop, tomorrow's my birthday, ain't it?" 
"Great," I could tell she was surprised, she must've thought I was going to Luke's, I rolled my eyes for the thought, "Then I'll go with you" she said, 
"Ok - wait, what?! Why?! I mean, it's not that I don't want you to come, I'd really like you to come but I was just thinking about having some time alone." I said, 
"Nope, that's bullshit, I'm going with you." she said, 
"And you're complaining about my language." I said under my breath, joking 
"what's that?" 
we started laughing and mum put on a coat, took the house keys and her mobile, 
"I'm ready!" she then announced. So I got my car keys and got in my car, it took me a while to get it out if snow but at the end I succeeded. the streets looked so beautiful, white of course, I liked them way more this way. Mum turned the radio on and my favorite song was on! I started singing along with it and mum joined me, she made a high pitched voice and we looked at each other and burst out laughing!
We went to the supermarket first, I got some chips and stuff and then we went to the cake shop, I wasn't sure what I wanted my birthday cake to look like, but this birthday was my twenty's, so it had to be nice. I didn't find anything nice, neither did my mum, so we just picked a plain one with strawberries on top of it, I let mum tell the shopkeeper that I wanted them for tomorrow and started looking at the cupcakes, they were so cute. It took mum a long time, and most of the time she was whispering, weird. I wasn't really in the mood to try to figure out what she was up to so I didn't ask.
We then finally went back home, it was late then, I played the piano and watched TV. We then lunched and I started reading, it wasn't a much fun day then. The snow hadn't melted yet, I took a last look on it and then went to bed.



The next day was a bit more exciting, it was my birthday. I dunno why I love my birthdays no matter how old I get, I didn't wake up by myself, Kim woke me, she was sitting on my stomach and jumping up and down, not allowing me to breathe, 

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, wake up birthday girl!! HAPPY BIRTH-" she was singing, 
"gerroff me, Kim!" I first screamed, she never stopped until I got my eyes open and started laughing, I held her my her arms and put her down by me, Kim was tinier than my and I could hold her easily. We both were laughing now. I love Kim, even that she gets me sad and angry sometimes, she always makes me laugh at the end. I got guilty for yelling at her that day, I kissed her cheek, 
"Urghhhh, morning breath!" Kim said, 
"Oh, shut up! You expect me to wake up mint-breathed?" I said, and then we got up. I went to the bathroom; brushed my teeth and my hair and showered, I then saw that mum made me breakfast and dad made me hot chocolate, it sounded like it was my lucky day! They we all doing their bests to make me feel happy, and I happily allowed them. We breakfasted together and then we went to play a bit in the snow, we were playing hide and seek, I was good at it. I kept on winning; I wonder was it because I was a good player or because it was my birthday. We then got tiered, so we decided to go on a ride, in dad's car. daddy had a Pajero and it was good for these circumstances because it drove easily on snow. We had so much fun, we always do when we all go out together, this time dad took us to so many places, we then went back home. 
It was two now, I noticed that we had some mail, mom and dad didn't get it, neither did Kim, so I did. I thought they were all bills so I didn't bother to read them. I gave all the things that were in the mailbox to dad, I was heading to my room but daddy called me, there was something there for me. what?

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