I love You, but you dont Love me

Jade is 19 and is in love with One Direction. She hates her life her parents abuse her., She falls for Liam in that band. And when she meets them she thinks everything's perfect. But will she notice somethings don't always last. will she finally get the guy. Or will she fall for another guy.


1. The worst day

I'm Jade. I'm 19 years old. And My life sucks. My Mum died a few years ago. My dad abuses and yes rapes me. I was raped at 12 and I was pregnat. I lived and so did the baby. Her name is Cheyenne she is 7 years old. And watches her mother get raped by her grandfather every night. I wish I could get out of this hell whole, but I can't. I love the band One direction. When my dad lets me go to school my friend Hannah will tell me about them. i like Liam. Everyone tells me I have an amazing voice but I don't believe them. Cheyenne doesn't talk much. I'm afraid about ehr 8th birthday. My father will rape her at that age. I woke to the sound of my alarm clock. Cheyenne was next to me sleeping. I loved my daughter. I gave her a kiss. And got dressed. I walked to school 3 new cuts on my arm. Sure call me emo. but I have to. I was about to walk in when I thought of ditching. I ran to the nearest store. I was in Chigago so There were a bunch of people. I walked into one of the building which said Chigago Music Studio. I walked in and stalked to the front gesk.

"Hello" I spoke to the Brunette sitting at the desk.

"Hello may i Help you"

"Yes can I speak with a music recorder"

"Yes sure that door on the left" she said pointing to two big blue doors. I thanked her then walked into the studio. As I walked in and i went to the space for recording a man came in. In his mis thirties brown hair. "Hi Galue told me a person wanted to be in here i'm Mike and you are" he said pressing a botton so I could hear his voice. "i'm Jade Gilah I'm 19 and I'm here to sing for you today" I said getting ready. He nodded then I put on the Headphones. He asked what song and I said "Payphone by Marron 5". He pointed when it turned on a I sang with the music. "I'm at a Payphone trying to call home all Of my change I've spent on you. Where have the times gone baby it's all wrong were are the plans we made for two.Yeah,I,I know it's hard to remember the people we used to be. It's even harder to picture, that your not here next to me.You say it's to late to make it. But is it to late to try. And in that time that you wasted all of our bridges burned down.I've wasted my time.you turned out the lights now i'm paralized still stuck in that time. when we called it love. But even the sun sets in paradise.I'm at a payphone trying to call home. all of my change i've spent on you. Where have the times gone. Baby its all wrong. where are the plans we made for 2. If happy ever after did exist. then I would still be holding you like this. all those fairy tales are full of shit. one more fucking love song i'll be sick.Ohhh you turn your back on tomorrow. Cause you forgot yesterday. I gave you my love to borrow. But you just gave it away. you can't expect me to be fine. i don't expect you to care. I know i've said it before but all of out bridegs burned down". I sang the rest. not having a care in the world. It was me and that music. once it was over I looked at Mike. His jaw was at the floor. He screamed something I couldn't hear. Then a woman about in her mid fourties came in and smiled. She came in and shook my hand. "Grace nice to meet you amazing voice you have" pointing to the one way mirror. I blushed and smiled. "you are just what we need". She was circling me. She gave mike a thumbes up and he yelled "Boys". % amazingly hansome boys walked in. I couldn't beleive what I was seeing!!!

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