I love You, but you dont Love me

Jade is 19 and is in love with One Direction. She hates her life her parents abuse her., She falls for Liam in that band. And when she meets them she thinks everything's perfect. But will she notice somethings don't always last. will she finally get the guy. Or will she fall for another guy.


2. Him

There stood One Direction. I smiled and waved. I turned to Grace. "What do you mean, I'm exactly what you need". "The boys need some excitment. And you are excatly what we need" she smiled. "I'm sorry but I'm confused". "Well not anymore  going to be the 6th member of One Direction" she said happliy. I looked at them. They all nodded. "But I don't.. I.... What". She smiled then congratulated me. Then the boys came in and introduced themselves. I couldn't help but blush when Liam called Me love. "Aww does little Liam have a crushy whushy" Louis asked teasing him. I couldn't help but giggle. "Oh I know what Liam's thinking now Oh My gosh her giggle is so cute oh and her American voice" Harry siad in a girly voice. I introduced myself. "Hi I'm Jade". They shook my hands. As they were done I looked down at the floor. "so I guess we are band members" Zayn said breaking the silence. "Yeah well anyway we need to get your stuff and". I cut him off. "My Dad oh what will my dad say and Cheyenne is this best for her". I started pacing. I ran out the door. I had to get home. As I barged in I was happy my dad wasn't there. He was working. I knew if I stayed tonight he would just rape me again. My little Cheyenne was playing with her stuff animals. Alex was chasing his tail. "Hey Cheyenne" I said kissing her forehead. "Hey momma" is all she said. I started packing her stuff. She grabbed my arm. "What are you doing" she asked. Suddntly interested. "We are leaving far away, now help momma pack" I said rubbing her cheek. She did as told and helped pack. I put Alex in his cage and told Cheyenne to follow me. I got a text from Grace. I don't know how she got my number.

From GraceXD: Meet us at starbucks

To GraceXD: ok

I put all the stuff in my emergency car. I cqan only use this whne my dad says. I'm useing it now. Cheyenne got in the back and put her seatbelt on. I knew this was best. she had to get away from that house. We walked into Starbucks. Me carrying her because she fell asleep. They were all at a table. Grace bounced up from her seat. "Who's this" she asked. I told her to wait and i'd tell everyone. I sat infront of Niall and on the left of Liam. Cheyenne didn't get anything and i got a Mocha Loghte extra cream. I then told them how I was raped and abused by my father and how Cheyenne came to be. "So your not seeing anyone" Liam asked to be sertin. "Nope I'm a single Pringle" I smiled. Niall chuckled and i kicked his shin. "So we have to fing out how to announce to the press that yu are in the band" Grace said. Liam put his arm around me. "Let them know who cares". They all nodded. "Okay so We will have an interview to announce it" she clapped. We payed then walked out. Cheyenne and I walked to the Car when grace called us over. "Your in the band, You must ride the bus" she pointed into the bus. I grabbed out bags. Cheyenne grabbed Alex. I told Paul to be extra careful with my guitar. As we loaded the bus. Louis screamed "A PUPPY". Cheyenne held him and said. "His name is Alexander, Alexander Peppae Gilah and I am Cheyenne Marey Gilah" she announced. My jaw dropped. "Hun you've never said that much berfore" I said huggfing her. "I know momma" She said. Louis held the puppy. "Yay finally a Puppy" they all squealed. I just smiled. niall led me and Cheyenne to our new room. She put her bag on the bed then laided down. "Goodnight" i whispered. I shut the door the walked to the couch. I had a text from Hannah

H&J4evs: hey I'm gonna miss you

J&H4evs: I miss you 2

H&J4eves: Tell Chy I wuv her

J&H4evs: kk bye

I locked my phone then just sat there. Liam sat beside me. His Chocolate brown eyes looking at me. I look at him. My plain Blue eyes staring. He then leans in and i do too. We kiss. It's feels like magic. Fireworks are shooting everywhere. It's soft yet great. He pulls away. "El will take you shopping for some clothes" he said getting up. "Are you sure she wants to do that" I ask him. "Yeah she will do that for all the Girlfriends" he said not looking in my eyes. "Girlfriend"? "Well yeah I". I cut him of with a short kiss. "It's ok Boyfreind".   

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