hate and love notes

This story is about a girl with a low-self esteem and hates herself until a very special boy from school comes around,change the way she thinks and helps her get what she wants.


2. The punishment

    I limped into school practically an hour late and went to my next class, drama. Luckily my seat is in the back so nobody sees me but the teacher and if you get up to present something but everyone is so stupid that rarely happens. "Isabelle, [the main girl character is Isabelle] your late. Again. You know what me and the principal told you if you were late again the you get expelled, soo grab all your stuff and leave" said my dramatic drama teacher Mr.Smith.

    I put my stuff in my bag, took down everything in my locker and was about to happily walk out of the school when a boy, the principal and some teachers dragging the gang that bulled me every morning caught up to me and the principal yelled out my name. "Hello Isabelle, where were you heading?" "Well you and Mr.Smith said if I was late to class again that I would be expelled so I was about to leave." I said hoping I wasn't in even more trouble. "You seem nervous and scared. Are you?" I nodded my head and gulped down all my tension. She told me to not be because when Mr.Tomlinson [the boy that was with them] came into school this morning he saw that a skinny girl with brown hair and a blue bag was being beaten up on school grounds and that description perfectly matched me. I told her that those were the boys that had been making me late to class and why I wasn't participating in gym class. She said that I was off the hook and the gang was getting expelled not me.

    After everybody left the Mr.Tomlinson kid came up to me, held my chin up and looked straight into my eyes. "Hi I'm Louis, you must be Isabelle?" "Yes I am Isabelle"


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