hate and love notes

This story is about a girl with a low-self esteem and hates herself until a very special boy from school comes around,change the way she thinks and helps her get what she wants.


7. The girls part 1

   The door opened and Louis' sisters Charlotte, Georgia, Felicite, Phoebe and Daisy came in in their school uniforms with book bags and gave me a stare of pity and curiousity probably because I was some random girl that they didn't know dressed in ugly rags. Jay went over to them and I think she was telling them something about having some respect and to stop staring. To break the awkward silence Louis introduced us to each other. The girls gave me a hug [a weak one though] and told me their names but said to call them by their nicknames. Now I was told to call Charlotte Lottie, Georgia, Fizzy, Phoebe and Daisy. Good, I only had to remember two different names. As me and Louis moved out of the kitchen and on a tour of the home Jay explained to the girls who I was, why I was here, what they had to do and how to treat me, how long I would be here and what was going to happen to my mum. Their house was big when I first saw it but now knowing that he had 5 sisters plus them two and now me 8 people would be living here it made a lot more sense but I had a question. "So you said that it would be us, your mum and your 5 sisters living here now but what about your dad?" [I know that they are divorced but to make it a bit more dramatic I'm having Louis say that he was murdered.] He muttered under his breath "Great we need to use up another box of tissues." He took a breath. "My dad, he was out grocery shopping for dinner after work 3 years ago and on his way out of the store somebody came over, took the grocery bags from him, threw them into the middle of the street causing a car accident and then... shot him 4 times and he was dead..."

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