hate and love notes

This story is about a girl with a low-self esteem and hates herself until a very special boy from school comes around,change the way she thinks and helps her get what she wants.


6. Louis' place

   After I finished packing and gathering up all of the stuff I needed, I met Louis at the park and he told me that Jay had given him the ok and that I had the guest bedroom for myself till it was ok to go home to my own mum. We talked the whole time we were heading over to his house about school, things we liked and other stuff. When we walked through the door his mum greeted us with a hug and she took my stuff and brought it to the guest room and told us that she had made some muffins for a special snack. Jay came and sat down with us in the kitchen. We talked more [and I started noticing that Louis' family really likes to talk] about what happened at school. I told my story and barely half way through Jay had to go get me a box of tissues and a comforting blanket. When I was all calmed down we threw away all the tissues and started making dinner and then the door opened...

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